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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mack Transporter Vinyl Version

A lot of CARS make the prototype stage but then disappear before an actual release. It’s rare when something actually makes it into a box and then does not appear at retail – clearly a bunch were produced for a final signoff before full production begins.

Mack transporter with a vinyl “tarp.”

mack viny

No, it’s not mine. Photos taken back in ROR days, cleaning out folders so re-discovered.

Mack Vinyl
It definitely did not get a US release but maybe some were produced and dump overseas?

Back of the box. I think a lot of Mack releases and box sets featured this “collect ’em all” photo.



mack vunyl back

One reason it may not have gotten a release is that back in the ROR days, John Lasseter still signed off on releases and he might’ve put the kibosh on this as not-canon (since Mack never appears with vinyl sides).

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