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Mattel Disney PLANES: Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy

If you like to collect them all, we are now up to 4 Chug’s on card.

The original release of Chug was a “dirty Chug” with sprayed on dirt/road oil on the lower sides and front of Chug. The first card also reads A WORLD ABOVE CARS. This is the 2nd card that now reads DISNEY WORLD OF CARS.

CHug dirty

Recently a “clean” version of Chug started showing up – only with the DISNEY WORLD OF CARS snipe. It’s hard to tell in this photo as the plastic bubble creates a shadow but it’s “clean.” When you are in the store or it’s open – it’s clearly clean and bright. No over-spray of dirt. It has the same UPC so it’s a variant.


Chug Clean

But there’s also a 2nd variant – a mildly dirty version. Again, hard to tell in this photo as the plastic bubble creates a shadow but it’s clear in stores that it has a vague overspray like the worker started running low and decided not to bother to put more paint in it – I’ll just spray it like I mean it so it has a very faint overspray of “dirt.”

It’s a pretty pointless variant as it’s clear one is clean and one is dirty but in case you want the slightly dirty Chug, chug a lug another Chug.  Chug smudge

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  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I just ran across a subtle variant of Chug today. He is the “dirty” Chug, but he had distinct brown wheel hubs (not oversprayed with dirt, but molded in brown), as opposed to the normal gray hubs with no dirt overspray.

  • bubbabob says:

    Thanks for the Bulldog tip, still looking for a. Dirty Chug

  • BMW says:

    Chug a lug, that’s funny Met.

    There is also a variant of BullDog. White canopy windows was the first one out I believe. the variant has black windows. the black window one seems to be the latest version. Saw plenty of the black window BullDogs at Walmart but I am not buying for these minor variants unless there is a sale.

    (MET: Thanks for the update on Bulldog!)

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