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Mattel Disney PLANES: More Pitty’s Means More Gift Sets?

“John H.” nabbed some early avail-back door Pitty’s so presumably we’ll be getting more Gift Sets – with the tent and the PLANE?

This is a “Spanish” Pitty …

Antonio-Spanish-pitty-rsideSo, presumably, this is the PLANE that will come with this Gift Set …

spanish plane

Another Pitty is Roper, the “manager” of the race – since he sort of works out of a tent, that part makes sense if he were part of a Gift Set also but I’m not sure what PLANE would be included unless it’s that Dustin Mellow truck that drives him around which would be cool and logical – as they love to repaint Dustin Mellows.




Nice that he looks slightly different from a typical Pitty.

“Spanish,” Arturo Pitty & Roper.

There is no listing for any new Gift Sets – not that it really means anything as they may not updating anything until after the new year.

Thanks for the great photos, “John H.”

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