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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Kmart Promo Ended Off Course

The Kmart promo mailaway of course ended on a strange note. While all early mailers got a nice email it was received and then another email that it was on its way, the redemptions sent in towards the end was met with stony silence for a few weeks – leaving everyone to question what was going on – but it looks like most people received an email a few weeks ago and everything went out.

KM Offer

Did you get an email? Did you get your “second wave” package out okay?

And yes, once again, they’d rather go through the weird gyration of delays deciding AGAINST the CUSTOMER. As “mommamyth,” notes, they found a “problem” with a receipt so NO Deluxe CARS for you! So instead of mailing one more set to a customer with a note saying, “you messed up but we’ll allow it this time” to make a customer happy – to save LITERALLY a few dollars, they’d rather tell you to PO because they determined there was an issue so egregious that the last thing on Earth they can do is mail you 2 diecasts? OMG. Isn’t the purpose of this promotion to thank customers for buying diecasts?

So, it costs them pretty much the same amount of money in effort to reject your redemption and then to tell you to PO when they could simply mail it to you? CRAZZZZYYYY.

LITERALLY costs them the same as they have to ship it to their own outlet store or sell it to a consolidator for a few dollars when they could simply put it in a box and mail it off to the customer – especially if there are other diecasts already on their way – adding 2 more CARS into a box probably adds $.50 in postage. What do they care if the customer might be a 6-year old kid. Hey, if WE decide you made an error, the penalty is DEATH to your toy. Why not send a photo of them crushing it into pieces just to show them who’s really boss?

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