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Toys R Us Holiday Express Outlet Store Directory Listings 2013

The Toys R Us Holiday “pop-up” temporary TRU EXPRESS stores are open around the country.


It seems the 2013 Toys R Us Express stores are all or mostly located in outlet malls – there might be some exceptions but it seems to be the case. For some reason, TRU does not list them in their directory or provides a list – they might be afraid you might open a store next to theirs to sell off your 576 Francesco singles or something? (Yes, they get all mad if you ask them for a list of stores WHERE PEOPLE CAN SHOP AT – Maybe that explains why they can’t make any money).

This outlet directory lists 56 of them. I do not know if it’s accurate, it seems to be – but a better way is to search the outlet center-mall nearest you and see if TRU Express is listed in the directory or call the center – they might not bother to update their website if TRU is only going to be open 6 weeks.

Of course, TRU Express is not really an outlet store in the sense that all-most things are a huge bargain. Yes, TRU Express has some closeouts but in most case, items are priced like these below. I think these are discount $.02? Technically cheaper than a regular TRU but not by much so it’s an outlet store only in the sense it’s in an outlet mall. If you’ve been on a 49-hour Black Friday shopping bender, I might’ve just blown your mind, you’re welcome. Now you can rest peacefully on your $7.99 duvet.



tru express_170001
 But hey, on December 26, pick me up some of these when they are properly priced at $2.99. 🙂

Thanks for the nice photo, “John H.”

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  • odisn says:

    They were searchable on the TRU website map last year. No clue why they removed it this year. Green R = TRU/Babies combo…Blue R = TRU only…Purple R = Babies only…and last year Red R = TRU Express.

  • NeilJam says:

    The main benefit of these stores is that they sometimes get fresh, new cases of some products while the regular stores are clogged with shelf/pegwarmers. They have been a good place to find later waves of some lines, but that perk can cost you here as the nearby TRU Express (Outlet) has many items priced higher than the nearest full size TRU.

    John is right about whatever remains after season. I helped with the closing of one store; all the leftovers got boxed up and sent to a regular TRU store.

  • John in Missouri says:

    There is also one at the Capital Mall in Jefferson City, Missouri.

    However, based on last year’s experience, there is exactly a ZERO PERCENT chance that NOTHING (NADA, ZILCH) will be clearanced after the Holidays. Whatever leftover stock is just shipped back to some central recirculation warehouse, and then sent out to other TRU’s.

  • BigMOCats says:

    I know of one other in Missouri located at one of the Chesterfield outlet malls.

  • carslover says:

    all the stores listed are too far away to worry about
    especially if the prices are about the same as in the regular TRU stores

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