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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Jeff Gorvette & John Lassetire 2-Pack

Well, if you missed him as a DVD Box Set exclusive or as a Kmart exclusive, the John Lassetire is coming back (with Jeff Gorvette in a regular retail 2-pack release).

Jeff Gorvette

For the geeks, some things to note …First John Lassetire is NOT on the poster either as a single or as a 2-pack.They are listed as #14 of 15 & #15 of 15 of the WGP sub-theme but the numbering of the WGP sub-theme (from the poster) shows there are supposed to be 17 vehicles in that grouping.

In fact, Jeff Gorvette is listed with the singles as #16 of 17 but he has NOT been released so far as a single through 2013 and he is NOT listed as a singles release through the end of the year but they could always add a case or two.

Also, John Lassetire is listed as Jeff Gorvette’s Crew Chief – will that change in the release? Will they do a card v2 release? I only bring it up as it’s John Lassetire, if it was Francesco’s Crew Chief, no one really cares what his name is …

But all and all, this card & numbers assigned are off – whether this was an early card and things will be fixed or they will just make it up as they go along?

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