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Calvin & Hobbes Fan Art Tribute Comic Strips

Of course, Calvin & Hobbes is arguably the greatest comic strip of all time – it’s sad that Bill Watterson “retired” so many years ago … a few online artists have done a few tribute strips … “Hobbes and Bacon” is Calvin & Suzy’s daughter – it’s nicely done with the right touches – even the illustrations are spot on … on Phill Berry’s DeviantArt page … you can check out other tribute strips (not by him if you scroll to the page and towards the bottom).


Of course, some people think Bill Watterson is involved in “Frazz.” It’s amusing but it’s no Calvin & Hobbes.

Here’s a nice tribute video of Calvin & the snowmen …

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3 June 2013 comics 3 Comments


  • carslover says:

    Calvin and Hobbes was always my favorite comic
    I have all the books
    and I made my own book by cutting them out of the paper and putting them together like a scrapbook
    i’m not sure if I still have it though

  • cac1959 says:

    Before there was Cars, I collected comic books… Fox Trot, Garfield, and Calvin and Hobbes… Of those 3, only Garfield still is a new daily.

    I’ve looked for a Transmogrifier in the toys aisles at most retailers, but have yet to see one… surely someone has.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I always wanted a Transmogrifier.

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