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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Singles $1 “Sale” at Toys R Us

There is a $1 singles diecast sale at Toys R Us running through Saturday. It includes CARS 2 Porto Corsa cards, CARS “Themes 2013” singles AND CARS “Themes 2013” Check Lane cards … so that’s nice …


Of course, the two stores I went to had Lightning & Francesco. Radiator Springs Classics are NOT on sale – which of course pretty much only included Lightning & Mater.

If your TRU got the red pallet in early, then you get to find some recent releases “re-released” at $1 which is nice but most likely the red pallet will show up at your store Sunday after this sale.

Also, this seems to be unadvertised so good luck getting a price match … but it might work – they will either totally believe the above is an actual sale and a price to match or they will just laugh at you … but if believe shopping is a grudge match of psychology, wits and endurance – then go for it. (er, keep in mind, shopping and price matching is NEVER a physical contact score unless you let the employee punch you – then many lawyers will run over from health & beauty shoving their business cards in your bloody maw). It’s times like these I wish I could illustrate … a much more powerful representation than just words. 🙂


Thanks for the heads up, “Rainman.”

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  • D J says:

    Tried the price match at Wal-mart today. At first they said sure, why not? Then they said maybe it would be better to check with the manager first since i didn’t have the ad. So, no price match…the good news is i found David Hobscapp and Mike Lorengine!!!

  • ksammut says:

    Thanks for giving me the notice. I wouldn’t of have know about it.
    I went to 2 Toys R Us-es and got over 70 cars.
    Regular (no sale) Price- $200^
    Sale- $67 and a couple cents
    Great Steal! Even the cashier said it was.

    • aftp302 says:

      That must be why I couldn’t find any! 😉

      The only singles my TRU here in Newark DE had left were about 20 Radiator Springs LMQ.

      No sign of the red pallet yet either.

  • jezter says:

    Our TRU actually had a selection of Radiator Spring Classics available.

    “All Cars Character Diecast Singles”

    Since it was quoted like that, I got them at a $1 as well. It did not ring up at first and I questioned the sign. A higher up came over and told the cashier that she “forgot to hit a key when a popup happened.” So however it was, I got them for a dollar. It might work in other places, especially since that really did not specify. Happy hunting!!!

  • MoMcQueen says:

    Huh. Our Cars went on “sale” at Toys R Us earlier this month. It was as good as it gets around here: a whopping 25 per cent discount that brought the sale price down to $5.17 CAD… plus 12 per cent sales tax. (And I’m positive I’ll never see this cube of which you speak.) I think we had one 2013 Case A at Walmart in December. I found a Francesco at one location and Race Team Mater at another. Months afterwards. They must have been displaced. Or returned. Ha ha!

    • MoMcQueen says:

      I stand corrected. My ToysRus has a big “2 Cars for $8” sale going on as of this morning, and I just returned from Walmart having spotted a metric tonne of left-behind 2013 singles: Lightning McQueen, Mater and Francesco. Probably a pair of Case As but I missed it by a long shot so we’ll never know. Thrilling, I know.

  • Mariela says:

    My store had the red display today with 2-packs, micro drifters, stunt racers and 2013 Cars (all the same ones as TGT and WLM)

  • BMW says:

    I went yesterday to a TRU and no cube in sight. I went last Sunday to another TRU and again no cube. We are cubeless here.

    My luck with Case D is pretty dismal.

    However Big Lots had Case T’s and lots of them yesterday. Wish it would have been case G with Flash that is being found in the Midwestern states!

    What a find those people had.

  • kwestwiz says:

    While visiting my daughter out of state, she needed to stop at Babies R Us. Of course, I hit the “Cars” aisle next door. And sure enough, the red pallet was there with $1.00 cars. There was nothing that I didn’t already have. However, with a $5.00 free coupon, I didn’t go home empty handed.

  • cac1959 says:

    Got a set of the 2013 lane mates on Monday as well as Race Team Mater on the Porta Corsa short card… Got a couple of Hudson Hornet Piston Cup McQueen and one piece McQueen as well… left the other 12 of each… I tried to get the RS Classics for $1 each but could not.

    It was my first time in this new store (up 4 from where it used to be). No cube – maybe after the sale.

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