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Disney Toon PLANES: New Trailer Beauty Shots

The latest Disney PLANES trailer is positively Pixarian … even though it’s technically from Disney Toon Studios … of course, both “studios” are managed by a guy who has pretty high standards – John Lasseter (I think he replaced Carrot Top as Chief Creative Officer).

Of course, these screen shots don’t look as good as the actual trailer (see link above) but they are still dazzling.

Vietnam (or Southeast Asia).


The Statue of Liberpitty … BTW, in the World of CARS book, it’s the Statue of Luberty and it’s a Model T (the story of Luigi & Guido’s arrival in America) …

scenary-Statue of liberty

Maybe Yeti, the Abominable Snowmobile will make a cameo here?




And perhaps the nicest beauty shot from the trailer, I’m presuming gliders are cranes in CARS/PLANES world.


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23 May 2013 Disney Pixar, Disney Planes 3 Comments


  • aftp302 says:

    My local Disney store just confirmed they have 9 different diecasts in the storeroom that will be shelved on 5/29. Price is $9.95 each. Not sure which planes, but she showed me a Dusty and a Chugg.

  • quercy says:

    I will need at least 50 of those gliders !!!! My son is already hooked to the trailer and the music… he can’t wait August 9th… Storage for the planes won’t be an issue… they will all hang from his bedroom ceiling. Usually I do not like the 3D movies but I must admit this one have what it takes to give you all the thrills of flying 🙂

  • John in Missouri says:

    Planes will set the all-time record for the highest ratio of box office gross to merchandise sales.

    Someone on another site listed the (unconfirmed) contents for the first 8-10 cases, and we already have predictions of the next Finn / Francesco / Mater / McQueen fiasco, multiplied by the strong possibility that these will be sold at Deluxe prices.

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