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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Design & Drift Speedway Review

John in MO was the winner of the Micro Drifters Track Set and as promised, here’s his review!

MD Design

The Box (5 Stars Out of 5):

Drift 9 Cars at once!  7 feet of track!  Multiple track designs!   Yes, yes, yes, open it now, we want to play!

The Instructions (4 Stars Out of 5):

The front cover features images of the contents and shows you where to apply all the labels.

Dude, I would’ve given up right here.

The middle two pages are somewhat incomplete, as they only show how to build a straight layout.  As the box indicates, it really IS 7 feet long, so we had to move everything from the kitchen table to the floor to complete it.

The back cover gives some ideas for alternate layouts, but we liked the layout on the back of the box, and moved everything back to the kitchen table.

The Set-Up (3 Stars Out of 5):

The red lever is supposed to be pushed against the rail, so that when the first Car hits the gray trigger, the lever blocks the other Cars from entering the Winner’s Circle. However, the red lever doesn’t want to stay against the rail, and takes a lot of effort to stay in place.
There are also two camera obstacles where the Lemons are supposed to face AWAY from the camera but when you press the starting line button, the Lemons shoot off the obstacles so that they wind up winning the race.

We tried turning the obstacles around so the Lemons appeared to actually film the race, but then the racers would get stuck behind the obstacle.

WGP blue

When applying the labels to the different parts, it wasn’t exactly clear at first that there are little lines to guide where you put them, so after trying to make the first one fit three different times, the label wound up tearing and sticking to the plastic.

WGP Side

Playing the Game (3 Stars Out of 5):
We tried to position the vertical track supports as best as we could, but the whole track was very shaky during play. The races were fun but short, and we ended up removing the two camera obstacles due to the issues mentioned above. I think this track set would be a lot more fun with not only additional supports, but three or four other sets attached to make the races last longer.

 Thanks for the review, John in Mo!


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