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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: Pullbacks Pushback

Looks like the “pullbacks” series has arrived at Kohl’s.


I’m going to out on a limb and say a $9.99 plastic pullback of Finn McMissile will not sweep the retail nation.

Though clever to add the LIMITED QUANTITY sticker – it is not a lie. There was no room for this sticker …


It is limited in the sense that we we could not sell more than a few hundred cases to Kohl’s and the rest you’ll find at the CHAD airport.

Thanks for the nice pic, “Wraukn” – I hope your wife is feeling better!

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  • carslover says:

    so limited
    you can only have a dozen if you are nice
    2 dozen if you are not

  • Tom says:

    Nothing to see hear folks, move along. Kohl’s has had these for years.
    The limited quantity sticker was good for a chuckle.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I have seen those limited quantity stickers on regular diecast Cars as well. Mostly on Racing Wheels McQueens. I thought it was some sort of exclusive line when I first saw them; but it seems the stickers are just a creative way to get rid of peg-warmers.

    • Fillmore1234 says:

      Kohl’s has so many tricks up their sleeves it’s unbelievable. Everything in the store is on sale so they can trick their customers into thinking they’re getting a good deal when they never are. And then when you walk out the store, somehow managing to “save more than $100,” they slap a $10 Kohl’s Cash in your hand, saving you $10 on your next purchase.

  • Wraukn says:

    Kohl’s had all 4 of the pull-backs on hand. All with these limited stickers. No change with my wife yet. Thank you Met, she got a chuckle from our emails.

  • John says:

    Kohl’s has had these in since Summer 2011, you’ve been asleep a long, long time Met. The first wave was Finn, Raoul Caroule and Lightning. Mater was pictured but never made it to Kohl’s. Eventually TJ Max and Marshall’s got Mater along with the other three. That was in Fall 2012 I seem to recall. I can look up the dates if its important. All of this in the Forum.
    Mater is a pullback too, unlike larger scale pull back Mater which is a pull forward.
    These are plastic.
    I think “limited quantity” because they have finally got most of them sold. There used to be pegs and pegs of them.

    (MET: Asleep? Pullbacks are … zzzzzzzzzz… zzzzzz …

  • cac1959 says:

    These wouldn’t sell for 99 cents, let alone $9.99… I bought a Raoul Caroule… I’d buy Rip Clutchgoneski… That’s it.

  • lefseboy says:

    I saw them in an airport gift shop a while back for $12.99. Sheesh!

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