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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Kmart June CARS Month Update

As noted a few days ago, Kmart said, “… We will not be running a single one day event in June. Instead we will be running a month long sale on cars products and we will have new oversized mix in June that will be exclusive to Kmart.”

There is an update (thanks, Kevin NASCARBronco & BMW) …

In lieu of running our normal cars collector event in June we plan to do the following: 

We plan to bring in a new Oversized assortment of CARS characters that should hit store shelves sometime in late May/early June that will have the following CARS characters in it”

Francesco Fan Mater (2 in the case). This will be the first oversized CHASE CAR.


And the return of long time favorite – Elvis RV …


The rest of the case is not as enticing as everything has already been out and is available elsewhere.

Al Oft.

Al Oft

And the probable pegwarmer, Mack.  mack

It’s basically oversized Deluxe CASE D which presumably Mattel will hold off shipping to other retailers until late summer … or perhaps change the mix or cancel entirely in deference-as negotiations with Kmart.

It will be interesting to see if these are sniped or stickered with a “Kmart exclusive” or some reference – which would increase the sales and interest in the other 3 CARS – Elvis RV, Al Oft and Mack.

The other question is how many will Kmart actually get? There are only about 1,100 or so Kmart’s left – if they get 2 cases, that Francesco Fan Mater (or 4 in those cases) will be gone in 2-minutes if it even makes it out of the back room … if each store gets 5 or more cases, then people will likely actually see it on the shelf.

Who’s brave enough to order it online? What will you actually get?  🙄

In addition …

“In order to make room for this new mix we are going run a temporary price reduction on the current Oversized mix that is in the stores at $0.99, this is a $7 savings. This will run from May 5 through May 25. This will not be advertised in our preprints or anywhere else – only being done at store level.”

So, that’s nice if there are other Deluxe Oversized CARS you’re missing … though since it’s not advertised, no price matching at other retailers … since this sales ends May 25th, we can presume this Kmart June CARS Month Deluxe CARS will arrive and be on the store shelves after May 25th though it would not stun me if some people managed to pay $.99 for the June mix either in mid May or in June. 🙂

BTW, the photo above of Francesco Fan Mater has the UPC below so you can start calling Kmart RIGHT NOW and ask when they will get that UPC.*

* Just kidding, you might at least wait until May arrives. 🙂

So, good luck to us all – drop us a line when you spot it in the wild.

Kmart also updates us on October …

“The Cars collector event will be coming back in October, it will feature new first to market cars (along with re-releases) … no rubber tire racers or silver racers  –  just a chance to get the collectors cars they do not have for their collections.”

So, that’s nice if it all works out. Though some people might want a rubber tire Rip Clutchgoneski … just saying …

Thanks for the heads up and info, Kevin NASCARBronco & BMW!

Good luck!

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  • carslover says:

    al oft is already a peg warmer at my walmarts

  • D J says:

    Well, it won’t be too exciting if they only have sub Finns…but if they have 2013 Cars, i will be VERY happy. $1 deluxe. Would it not be amazing to see singles at .50? They should. It will be interesting to see how this whole Kmart Cars month thing all works out. I think they should have a 75% clearance on all 2011-2012 Cars merchandise. And have Cars posters and Free ice cream with Cars brand sprinkles! Okay maybe i went a little too far…

  • Mariela says:

    Hopefully June will be a good month for Cars at Kmart, because right now…sucks!!

  • danheas says:

    My KMart has had two empty pegs for Oversized for the past 2+ weeks. Maybe they are holding off getting more stock in until this event? The good thing is, it’s about 1 minute from where I work so I can stop every day without much difficulty. I’ll pick up as many as I can to help those not near a KMart.

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    I guess I will finally buy that sub Finn I have been putting off purchasing for the last two years lol! Looking forward to the new Mater and the October Kmart day, a case of all new cars sounds so exciting!

  • John in Missouri says:

    This is definitely neat, but I have no idea where I’ll ever find a Francesco Bernoulli diecast to go along with Francesco Fan Mater…

  • bubba101212 says:

    I’ll be peg clearing here to make room for new stock!
    Lots of places to donate those $1 Cars to.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Most Walmarts that I have price matched at allowed it with a shelf tag from another store. Might be a good time to clear out some Submarine Finns at a bunch of places. Looking forward to picking up that Mater.

  • Zen Master Pitty says:

    Love the new Mater and glad to see a re-released Elvis. Wish the case was all new but I guess it could be worse. The only Kmart near me is a sad, desolate store. I hope that they actually get a number of these cases.

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