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How to Act Crazy and Annoy People – Ping Pong Style

Self Table Tennis

Even when you don’t have a friend to play with, you always have the self ping pong paddle. While listening to the sound of the ball hits and bounces, you have a game with your imaginary opponent. As the sensor in the racket reflects by your swing, the racket stages to sound like as you return a ball strong or weak. So by swinging the racket harder or softer, you can make a change on your imaginary game. There is a smash button which makes sound you smash by pressing it when you swing. It won’t sound when you don’t make the timing.

There are three play modes: rally mode easy, rally mode hard, and rhythm mode. In rhythm mode, you play along with background music – and the game lets you know how you’re doing with cheers and boos!

You can buy it here.

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13 April 2013 Gadgets 2 Comments


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