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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Micro Drifters “Blind” Bag Singles

For Europe and other international markets (including Canada), Micro Drifters will come in a “blind bag.”

Micro drifters EU

There was a list of what’s available in the MD International single series (in this post), it’s slightly longer than what’s shown on the box so it’s unknown if the box art of the open Micro Drifters are the entire “first wave,” or just a sampling.


Spoiler Alert – Rip Clutchgoneski is not on the list. Let us know if you spot it on the shelves – probably €1.99? And, of course, if they follow the LEGO lead with some sort of NSA-type bump code on the bags?

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  • Dragon-Ninja-Finn says:

    These are the serial numbers to the cars on the bags


    Y8239 MCQUEEN
    Y8235 GREM
    Y8225 SHINY WAX
    Y8218 SALLY
    Y8227 PROF Z
    Y8234 KING
    Y8218 SALLY
    Y8236 DINOCO MCQ
    Y8233 GASK ITS

    (MET: Well, it’s blind to people who haven’t seen your list. 🙂 ).

  • Dragon-Ninja-Finn says:

    The Art on the Box is the entire first wave with a solitary mystery car to a box, all the cars can be seen clearly through the bags and individual serial pacific to each car on the bag so hardly blind at all.

  • BMW says:

    Its stupid to me, but Lego made a fortune off this idea. So everyone else is trying to capitalize on the concept. I still need a Zombie from Lego first wave.

  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    Super annoying! They do it just to sell more (duplicates) and pawn it off as, hey, trade with your friends! It just leads to me standing there forever, feeling the bags and hoping I am not mistaking a pom pom for big hair (in the case of minifigs).

  • bobbyjack says:

    I collect the blind bag ponies with my daughter, but I don’t like the concept either. I don’t want to pay $2.50 each for something she may or may not already have. Just buy the case of 24 to get the whole wave.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I will never understand this concept.

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