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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast 2013: Case A Has Left the Warehouse

CASE A for 2013 has left the warehouse – it does look like the cards will not follow one motif but a bunch of motifs … and it does look like they have stopped numbering the singles which makes sense in the aspect that only singles got numbered which made no sense.

As of now, we still don’t know if the 24th CAR in the case is an Ultimate/Super Chase but it’s looking pretty unlikely as Suki is not shown as a “regular” Chase so mostly like there are 2 of each of the “new” CARS in the case – Suki & J. Curby Gremlin.

Final confirmation won’t be known until the US cases are actually opened.

CARS 1 is back with a vengeance for those missing CARS 1 diecasts: Chick, Dusty, Sally, Sheriff, Tow Truck Tom, Mater and the most oddball of all – Hank Halloween Murphy.

CARS 2 is repped by returning: Francesco, CARS 2 LM, & Vladimir Trunkov.

New to CARS 2 as a single: Uncle Topolino (previously available in a Movie Moment and in a Box Set).

While they might not have it listed yet, if you want the case, be sure and ask Children’sToyCloset or Rob’s Palace of Disney CARS, I’m sure they’ll have some on hand by early next week and turn it around to you.

You can check out the cards posted on France eBay – again, not sure if that’s an international case without a Super Chase or most likely the same case as ours.

They also have the new Movie Moments design cards which I’ll post more details on.

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  • babychristiancars says:

    really wish my walmart would even get some of the last released singles. I haven’t seen a new single in almost a year. The new megas were a lot easier to find except for Mater Hawk.

    The kmart cars also impossible to find in CO.

  • Jinzo says:

    Question: Will the 2013 Cars will be numbered? Just curious… if so, how will they be numbered? Very curious.. hopefully they’ll be numbered

    • cars4josh says:

      Almost positive the number system is dead for 2013. Someone will chime in who knows 100%, but I’m pretty sure they’re done

      • Gary in MD says:

        Bummer… the numbering system is helpful for organizing my database..and knowing where the holes are at a glance.

        • Fillmore1234 says:

          It’s a different numbering system. It’s basically what the Hot Wheels line is doing. They are categorizing the Cars into categories and each year they are releasing a certain amount of Cars in that category. Like how Suki is in the Tunerz group and is #1/10, meaning 9 more Tunerz will be released for 2013.

          For the Lemon line, J Curby Gremlim is #1 of 8 and Vladimir Trunkov is #2 of 8.
          There are other groups too, like Festival Italiano, Retro Radiator Springs, Maters, Piston Cup, etc.

  • Tom says:

    Pretty sweet case. I look forward to seeing these new and new again Cars.

  • jayvandy says:

    do we know if this case is going to the box stores before christmas? What about the walmart exclusives for cars 2 cars?

  • BMW says:

    Met your link to ebay france is a USA reseller.
    this seller has the case A cars on ebay USA.

    (MET: If that’s the case, then it seems set there’s no Chase or Super Chase … but, hey, there’s a bunch of Francisco’s …).

  • Dunroamin says:

    Are the origianl 4 tunerz slated for re-release?

    (MET: They’re coming back as CHASE with Flames). Here’s the full list of releases for 2013 as of now – broken out in 4 posts.

  • cars4josh says:

    Great!!! Sort of… LMQ and Francesco again? Really, please Mattel explain this to me. And sheriff? Just released in RSC wave 2 and a target box set. Umm there are other cars too! Maybe all the exec. At Mattel should be mandated to sit down and watch the movie with a room full of children, seriously though get a clue. They have boasted a 20 something % profit increase the last quarter just imagine the increase if they had someone with a brain running the show! Suki looks good but in all honesty my stores are full of Finn LMQ and Francesco, but at least the card backs will change now so i’ll have something new to look at . If someone posts there is any variant of Finn being released as a deluxe I just may quit altogether . Another take 5 member here “jack” knows more about cars than anyone I know, what’s hot, what’s not and what is wanted on an international level too! Jack for president! Lol but really Mattel call me I’ll give u his address…….. Good morning take5 🙂

  • John in Missouri says:

    I really wish Cars like Uncle Topolino would come packaged with another character as a pair. Too small to be sold alone.

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