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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Bruno Motoreau Motors In …

Bruno Motoreau arrives in the latest Target 4-pack …

Thanks for the great photos, “John H!”

A great diecast version of the classic Citroen DS.

It looks like he’ll only be available in this 4-pack as of now …

You also get the upgraded Lewis Hamilton unibody version – and the first time Lewis is available in the Target 4-pack. Jeff Gorvette is also a unibody but he’s been released as such numerous times already. Raoul is one of the few racers still only available as a 2-piecer.

Thanks for the great photos, “John H.”

The last Target 4-pack with a Crew Chief should be out before the year is over …

Nigel’s Crew Chief (Austin Littleton) with Nigel, Francesco & Lightning.

The next two listed crew chief releases are Movie Moments.

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  • Tom says:

    The thing I don’t get is why does his license plate say “Our Fair City”?
    This is a Ray/Tom Magliozzi (Rusty/Dusty Rust Eze) reference. They always refer to Cambridge, MA as our fair city…
    Don’t see what Motoreau has to do with them, if anyone knows, please share.

  • nlg510 says:

    Why are they not listed as singles,I don’t want to pay 20 dollars for 1 new car.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    It is really nice to see a new car with it’s own unique license plate. Does anyone have a list of all the cars with the erroneous FSHBWL license? The wrestling ref even had his erroneous FSHBWL license resized to scale – yeck.

  • BMW says:

    I went to 2 Targets today looking for this 4 pack this morning.
    The only ones on the shelves were the Denise Beam with the upgraded
    unibody singles and a Shu racing 4 pack also upgraded. 3 Denise Beams and the Shu 4 pack at each store. Not in Houston yet.
    Will keep looking.

  • taylor says:

    Wasnt there a guy who was an employee of Mattel who was a regular on this site? was a couple of years back but hasnt the case contents and pegwarmer problems all started since he left or was moved too another toy line? cant remember his name but it rings a bell wayyyyy back, anyway cant anyone get that guy back please:) even if we offer Mattel too club together to pay his wage, seriously though one day we will find out the ins and outs of the case contents chaos and wonder why it was something so silly that destroyed what could be a huge moneyspinner……apart from Mattel thinking they know best!

  • cac1959 says:

    I’m not happy about spending $20 plus tax for one new Car, but I know me… and I will… new one piece racers will replace 2 piece versions in my display case, and we’ll add the 2 piece racers to the ones that we play with… I suppose we can all be Raoul at the same time if we want… maybe it will be Raoul and bad guys in disguise as Raoul.

    Some things never change… Mattel product assortments and distribution included.

  • Jack says:

    I have rejected and will continue to reject multi packs with 1 new car. I can do without those castings. It really rubs me the wrong way. Even when they go on sale I still won’t buy them on principal.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I know there will be a lot of comments like this, but I’m going to say it anyway…

    Sucks that we need to buy 3 cars that none of us need just to get the 1 we do. I guess I could use another Lewis to go to Grandma’s house for the kids to play with but we already have 4 Jeffs and 4 Raouls. The 1 piece or 2 piece variations don’t really matter much to us.

    • taylor says:

      Agree 100 pc Bobbyjack! but like you say hundreds if not thousands of collectors have metioned and complained about this rip off! In the end its all about profit….If your an opener then try online for loose cars, but as theres so many of us with so much time and money spent on our collections Mattel has us by the short and curlies. Feel your pain but at least you probably will get the chance to buy if you want, The UK like most other countries wont ever see it on the shelf.

  • taylor says:

    The real DS like a lot of Citroens has a suspension thats able to lift and means you can change a wheel without the need for a trolley jack, NOT recommended though!!

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