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Disney Pixar CARS 2: If You Want a Fleet of Double Decker Buses, Call London …

If you want a fleet of Double Decker Buses for your CARS 2 display, try London Calling a friend there to pick up a few of these …

There are fewer box sets available at the UK Disney Stores and more singles or 2-packs on cards of their releases so this might be easier to find than the US one. How does it compare to the US one?


The Disney Store bus is a skoosh taller (on the left) – a tad narrower but as you can tell, it’s essentially the same. The body is all metal (unlike the Mattel one which is metal for the 2nd level only). It has more stickers/ads & different ads and it’s technically the more correct matching Bus Route #13.

So, it’s a nice companion piece. Of course, if you’re buying a fleet, customize!

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