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Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Stores World Grand Prix Racers Europe Only

In case you have missed it, Disney Stores UK (and other Disney Stores EU) have unveiled the entire series of McQueen Country Flag Grand Prix racers.

These are 1:43 scale Disney Store Lightning McQueen’s.

One car will be released each week starting July 30th!

The packaging is kind of intriguing though at the end of the day, kind of difficult to store …

The website design is nice as you can click through to see each car in packaging and open – so that’s nice …

Why isn’t this series available in the US? Well, they are definitely not canon to the film but I also think a more critical reason is these are pretty weak design wise. If you contrast it with the Stars & Stripes Lightning McQueen from the Disney Stores US, you can clearly see the difference in design depth & quality.

The Disney Stores US clearly understands that the diecast is a blank canvas and you bring artistry to that “canvas.”

Contrast that with their Ireland design below. Colorizing the flame to the flag color is minimal work. Adding a shamrock – that’s going out on a limb and then a triangle painting of the Irish flag colors and the official flag added to a giant blank spot on the hood and sides. I understand you can’t mess too much of a flag but why is it designed for a tiny scale car and all that blank space?

Or if you look at their USA one – what’s the deal with the three stars? Isn’t that more like the flags of New Zealand and Australia?

Not surprisingly, the nicest ones are based on the Pixar character designs for the other racers. And the Portugal one actually looks decent enough but the bottom line is they don’t really evoke the country. It seems like some junior designer was given 3 hours to crank these out. They clearly spent more time on the logo and packaging which are intriguing and fun – the CARS themselves are pretty weak.

So, it’s a good thing they’re not available in the US – maybe Disney US is working on their own series – they are off to a good start with Stars & Stripes Lightning.

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16 August 2012 Disney Pixar, Disney Store 5 Comments


  • taylor says:

    Don’t think theses are too bad!! Would have to see them on the shelf but think your being a little harsh MET. ?? I think there a line that was kinda hurried out to hit the shelves during the height of the Olympic fever.

  • infiniti mcqueen says:

    are you supposed to be able to click through and see all the cars? I am only able to click through and see the released cars.

    (MET: Maybe not – I guess I did not test out everyone).

  • nlg510 says:

    I like these, to bad they are only in Europe.

  • BMW says:

    Its quite interesting that the front page pictures of the UK DS versions are of the 1:55 Flag Mcqueens. Look at the eyes and eyebrows, they are the same as the back door Mcqueens that were being sold on ebay, thought the actual diecasts when you click through to the packaged product are 1:43.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I’m kind of glad these are 1:43 scale, so I won’t feel the need to collect them.

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