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DC Superheroes: Why Drive When You Can Fly …

There seems to be a lot of these on the pegs, the design looks nice but I think kids realize these are two DC superheroes who do not really need a car …

And yea, if you’re disguised as Clark Kent, it’s probably not a good idea to drive in a red & blue car with the BIG S on the hood.

And maybe a snipe on the card to point out to Flash fans that on real hot humid days, he gets sweddy in his skin tight costume and would like the comforts of air conditioning even though he’s traveling at .00000001% of his normal speed … frankly, a more realistic car for Flash would probably be a wrecker since he would abandon the car in the middle of the freeway ALL the time. And of course, it will have a tiny sticker on the windshield that reads, “Will be back in a flash.” (  😆  ).

And in theory, would the wind he’s generating wick the sweat off his body?

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7 August 2012 comics 4 Comments


  • sloths14 says:

    My son and I started collecting these (along with the Hot Wheels Nostalgia series) in the absence of any new Cars 2 diecast series vehicles. Like these cars-like any offering I guess there are some that are easy to find and a few that are difficult. I know my son’s playmate really wants a Two-Face car that my son has and I haven’t had any luck finding that again.

  • taylor says:

    Thats one Flash that should be easy to find on shelves! Has there been any super Chase Cars found in the wild yet? anyone?

  • cac1959 says:

    That’s not the Flash I’m looking for… I’ve seen these in stores – they are nice looking cars.

    Does anyone else have a hard time typing cars all in lower case letters?

  • PirateDad says:

    Love the bumper sticker idea!!

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