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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: New CityTarget CARS Section

Target is opening stores in urban-denser population areas. The first three are open in Chicago (1 S State St (between Madison St & Calhoun Place)), Los Angeles (10861 Weyburn Ave – Westwood) and Seattle (1401 Second Ave). In October, two more CityTarget locations will open in Los Angeles and San Francisco.They are about 2/3 the size of a regular Target.

John H. reports in, “We visited the new Westwood Village City Target yesterday. It is very small, about the size of a large CVS store. Toys occupy about two aisles plus end caps. Cars has about four feet in one aisle.”

“Interestingly, almost everything on the pegs could have been found at Target in June 2011. No Quick Changers or Action Agents. The singles and Deluxe were original releases, all with regular diecut cards. Pinion Tanaka was on the pegs, only time I have ever seen that one in a store.”

It is interesting how when Target opens a new store, the merchandise that makes it to the pegs always seem like they’ve been time capsuled in some warehouse. 🙂

While the CityTarget CARS section don’t seem very large, it’s not bad, clearly CARS still has a fairly prominent section so while not perfect – still better than I thought – though those 2-packs may not sell real fast though I think it’s been about a year since I’ve seen the Luigi/Guido & Uncle Topolino 3-pack. Thanks for the report and photos, “John H.”

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  • nlg510 says:

    That is alot like my Target.

  • Carsstrike01 says:

    This selection has a good variaty with cars, and two packs because all my local store has is the Zen master two packs, but was lucky too find one with moustache 🙂

  • John says:

    Pinion Tanaka and the Pope have been found at Targets around the country since Sunday. Maybe Target has been holding back Deluxes waiting for all the Submarine Finns to be exhausted.

  • Tom says:

    I guess they aren’t “City Targets”, but the city locations with 2 floors in my neck have this cool thing in between the escalators that carry your shopping cart up and down for you. If I was a kid, I would want to ride in the cart while it was on the cart-scalator.

  • chuki_mama says:

    At least their pegs seem full. The Targets here are bare…

  • RodredlineM19 says:

    My Target’s had the same stuff for 4 months now except 2 Guido/Luigi/Uncle Topolino 2-packs and 1 Grem/Damaged Rod 2-pack that popped out of nowhere a few days ago (I already have them, so nothing actually new for me 🙁 ).

    The only “new” thing I’ve found is a slight McQueen variant with a darker mouth plate, If you want I can send you guys pics.

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