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Disney Pixar CARS: Country Flag Lightning McQueen – Mystery Deepens …

Yesterday, I reported thatΒ The Stars & Stripes Lightning McQueen was part of a new Country Flag motif Lightning McQueen’s coming from the Disney Store but now it gets weird. Someone in the know at the Disney Store says that these are DEFINITELY not coming to the US and it’s all Disney Stores Europe.

AND that the Current CHASE Stars & Stripes LM is NOT part of the series.

As I noted, I did not think the EU stores had enough clout to do their own series but I guess they are big enough.

So, I believe there are stores in: Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium. Are there more than a couple/handful of stores in each country?

So, check in from any of these countries if you have more info.

And so now, if they are designing their own series – their own designs, it is even the Disney Store 1:43 scale? In the US, they cannot really release diecast CARS in the 1:64-1:55 scale (figurines are okay) but what about Europe? They have released 1:64ish scale CARS in Europe. Or they can buy an allotment from Tomica Japan. (this program is not running in Japan).

The UK Disney Store page is HERE.

Or perhaps more enticing – are they merely buying/ordering an allotment of 1:55 Lightning McQueen’s from Mattel such as the Theme Park Group did with Pirate Mater, Mickey LM & Goofy Mater? With special paint and tampo decals?

Or are these really high end collectibles like this Theme Park one?

Okay, I doubt it since they are saying it’s one per week so is it Disney Store 1:43? Tomica 1:64? Mattel 1:55? Some other scale? (it does say die cast but beyond that, it’s just a guess now).

The real Ultimate, Ultimate CHASE? πŸ™‚

Very intriguing. I’ll keep digging and see what comes up … if anyone has something to add from EUROPE, check your Disney Stores and see if they have any info to add?

BTW, The Stars & Stripes Lightning McQueen is available online and there is a COUPON CODE: DISNEYPAL that takes another 25% OFF!

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  • danrio says:

    It seemed, at least for a while, that DisneyStore was not following the (mis)steps that Mattel has made in distribution of Cars 2 diecasts. They were issuing fresh, completely new products with great consistency.

    However, with the recent release of a few DisneyStore sets containing mainly cars already issued as singles (The Mater and Lightning McQueen 5-Packs, for instance) it looks like they are taking the same twisting, bounding, fork-ridded bumpy road Mattel has been off on for over a year.

    Now, with DisneyStore overses “exclusives”, the two appear to be bonded at the hip!

    Turn back, DisneyStore; before it’s too late !

  • Jack says:

    Nothing suprises me regarding distribution on these cars anymore. Guess we will have to wait to know the scale but either way these should be worthwhile for overseas collectors to pick up. I would imagine a full set of these will be valuable and only increasing as time goes by.
    I’m so glad I am no longer bound by the have to have every car mentality I used to be. Especially with this type of distribution.

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    Ugh I don’t know why Disney is not bringing them to the US, they are only loosing money that way. :/

    (MET: That’s why I wonder if it’s in the 1:55 or 1:64 scale …).

  • bubba101212 says:

    This is sad. I did notice yesterday on the Disney UK site though that they have way different stuff than the US Disney Store.
    In the UK they sell the Mattel ones on thier site. Here we would likely never see that.
    I wonder why it’s so different from one country to the next.

    • taylor says:

      Don’t you have Mattel 1:55 scale cars instore in the US Disney stores?? Disney stores in the UK are the only place we ever got FL and rubber tyre racers, its were I get around 40pc of my CARS finds.

      (MET: The Disney Stores do not carry the Mattel 1:55 series in the US, the margins are lower so it’s hard for them to do their usual coupon and hard for them to beat the three larger retailers on price who are everywhere while there are only about 300 US Disney stores).

    • Carsstrike01 says:

      At the moment at my local Disneystore (I live in the UK) all I ever see is Race Team Mater, Finn Mcmissile, Lightning with raceing wheels and Hudson Hornet McQueen. So if collectors in U.S want to know whats here not much difference, but there are theese twin packs insted of display cases. But in the good ol’ 2008, 2009,2010 years of collecting, there were so many cars you would find from Mattel that were new.

      P.S that means like e.g 20-30 new cars you would find every week! πŸ™‚ Shame its not like that now πŸ™

  • taylor says:

    In the last year three of the five Disney Stores in and around Edinburgh UK where I shop have closed, I don’t know how many stores are in Europe but the US has 318. I will definately be paying a visit to the two remaining stores for these…..and if they are 1:55 scale which I doubt! I will pick a few up.

  • Wraukn says:

    DS would make a TON of money if they had these in all their US stores. Not that they need a ton more.

  • nlg510 says:

    I hope it is in US if not,I will be very very angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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