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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Celine Repeat Chase + Acer Torch Numbered

It was a little odd the Kmart versions of Celine & Acer with Torch were not numbered but I guess the reason is the versions with the Kmart logo stickers are not considered part of the mainline releases … these however are …

Celine #38 – a “repeat” CHASE.

And #34 Acer with Torch.

Someone had asked about the numbering and I figured they would eventually be assigned a number as these two Kmart CARS were not called exclusives but “first to market,” but I did not think they would re-released so soon … these are listed as coming in CASE K which is at least two cases away so CASE K might not be available until August or around Labor Day for the Fall reset?

These however are available in Europe – thanks for the great pics, “David V.”

Also arriving in Europe, the last two Movie Moments we just got:

Thanks David V!

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