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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Sir Harley Gassup – The Czech Tatra 87

“Pixarlover” was at an automobile museum and spotted the real life Tatra 87 …

Only 3,056 were produced from 1936–1950. You can read more at Wikipedia.

I can safely say I’ve never seen one in the street.

Thanks for the great pics, “Pixarlover.”

AND he’s coming as a diecast before the end of the year!

It is a bit of a surprise as clearly he’s a new sculpt instead of a repaint but he is definitely a cool looking car and nice to have as a diecast … I’m betting there are not a lot of diecast releases of this car. Pretty nice they got the front door handle detail plus the air scoops and other touches.

I’m doubly surprised they did not upgrade him to the deluxe line (and charge a few more bucks) but he’s a single coming in the months ahead (probably Fall 2012).

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