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Comic Book ART Posters

Nice classy Comic Book ART posters on archival paper (beats tearing it out of your comic book).

At Beyond the Rack (sign up or sign in). Marvel posters range from $79 to $349 … just a sample shown here …

And while not cheap at Entertainment Earth (@$475), signed and very limited glicee print (only 100!)



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28 June 2012 Disney, Toys 2 Comments


  • danrio says:

    VERY classy stuff! While I’m not really into comic book art, these appear to be exceptionally well executed and seemingly good buys at those (reduced) prices.

    I do, however, have one piece of art I hold very dear; it’s an original drawing of Mater, on paper, done by (and signed by)a current Pixar artist. He “personalized” it just for me by having Mater say (via word bubble) “Dan-Gum!”. It’s not a cell or a reprint; it’s right from the artist’s hand.

  • jestrjef says:

    Very sharp!!

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