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Disney Pixar CARS: New Mater Toon – Time Travel Mater

Time Travel Mater’s “premiere” was June 16, 2012 but strangely aired a few times early last week – schedule below on when to catch it next.

Unlike some showier and more wacky Toons, this mostly fills the back story – more cute than anything else but still a few fun jokes. (I like what Lizzie calls LM & Mater). The animation for a short is downright dazzling as usual – that Pixar group might just make it after all.

We get to meet Stanley as Mater travels back in time … and a fun scene that explains how through mechanical attachments, CARS have the flexibility of things with opposable thumbs …

*it’s much clearer in the actual short.

And as Stanley’s line of business, it does explain the Lizzie radiator cap variants.

It airs next (PACIFIC TIMES LISTED here so check your local time zone).

* Mon 6/18
* 12:25PM-12:30PM

* Tue 6/19
* 12:55PM-1:00PM

* Wed 6/20
* 12:25PM-12:30PM

* Fri 6/22
* 12:25PM-12:30PM

* Mon 6/25
* 1:25PM-1:30PM

* Tue 6/26
* 1:55PM-2:00PM

* Wed 6/27
* 1:25PM-1:30PM

* Thu 6/28
* 1:55PM-2:00PM

* Fri 6/29
* 1:25PM-1:30PM

Now, if you’ve already seen it, there some fun SPOILER ALERT scenes and playsets we are unlikely to ever get ... DIECAST UPDATE!

Or since we can barely get Lizzie in her regular guise, it’s highly, highly unlikely we will ever see this version but never say never …

Just don’t hold your breath. There is a preview of the short which pretty much is one giant spoiler alert as the actual short is only about 2:30 seconds longer.


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  • sloths14 says:

    Loved it. Wouldn’t be great to have a Wedding Day two pack of Stanley and Lizzie? Better than the crappy plastic piece of junk that is the Stanley statue.

  • Mariela says:

    We LOVED it!!
    And Lizzie On her wedding day looked beautiful! 🙂

  • BMW says:

    We recorded it on the first showing at 3:30 am. Stanley and Lizzie’s love story – please bring more of these stories Pixar.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    The kids and I caught the full clip on U tube a while back thanks to the kind forum links (thanks guys!). The kids were entertained but a little perplexed by the storyline. I loooooved revisitng Radiator Springs and the townies. Awesome!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    They made this short to promote Cars Land, because stuff in this short it is all over Cars Land: Lizzie and Stanley’s wedding photo, Taillight Caverns, Comfy Caverns etc. can all be seen there, mostly during Radiator Springs Racers.

  • toffman says:

    This short, and Air Mater, were both done by Pixar Canada. So not a bad start I’d say.

  • cac1959 says:

    I enjoyed it a lot; I thought it was more geared to the adult than to children… It also cut off on me the first time I recorded it but I got it all the second time.

    There could be some great diecasts and playsets… I’d love a complete Radiator Springs in my Cars room, I mean the family room.

  • Jack says:

    I am super excited about the Diecast possibilities from this short. I have also been looking forward to the Mater PI diecasts but who knows when? And of course we get cars from my least 2 favorite shorts first with Moon and Air Mater. Flying cars aren’t really our thing. We still like traditional cars that roll and drive around.
    I thought this short was pretty cool. Love the back stories and my son flipped out over seeing living Stanley and young Lizzie. He noticed them right away.
    My older daughter let it be known that if Wedding Day Lizzie gets released she has to have it. So do I. I would buy everyone I could find and do some major hunting to find her.

  • Tom says:

    I liked this and I liked P.I. Mater, but I can’t help but thinking the sepia or B&W are ways to save money.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Not a chance — all those shades of gray are just as difficult to come up with as full colors. That being said, I’ll bet they made these in full color and then tweaked them to look sepia or black and white.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Here’s to some more character back stories! Luigi & Guido coming to America, Flo and the Showstoppers, and heck, even Doc Hudson!

  • bobbyjack says:

    We saw this last week. My kids and I really enjoyed it. The DVR cut off early on the first recording but I got the whole thing the second time I recorded it. Looking forward to some more new Mater Tales and the diecasts that go with them!

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