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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Kmart CARS Event Pre-Order Back Now?

June 10, 2012
Online CASE Pre-Sale

Online Case Pre-Sale LINK is LIVE or NOT LIVE? – Click on the big wheel and test your fortune, luck and internet tube skills.

It was supposed to go live SUNDAY June 10, 2012. It went live at about 3 AM Saturday morning – dropped out at about 10 AM Saturday – then came back for a few hours later in the afternoon. During this period, the price was $79.80. This included the weekend sale of everything at kmart.com from 5-20% off and free shipping.

Then when the page came back Saturday evening at the “regular” price of $95.76 it has remained inactive since then with an Email Me offer.

So, what is happening?


If I had to guess, they could not figure out how to post this without applying the weekend Friends & Family sale price plus the free shipping. So, they are waiting until Monday to put it back up when the sitewide sale is over so it should be active before I wake up on the West Coast … though I’m just guessing. Chime in when you wake up.

Presumably the KMART10PSAVINGS coupon code is still active so you can save 10% but to get free shipping, you’ll have to sign up for the ShopperVantage program. Is store pickup “free?”

Good luck!

They are also having a sale on remaining CARS items – not a huge selection. Not sure if this applies in-store or only online.

See post here for Checklist & Case assortment.




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  • Jack says:

    It truly amazes me how bad Kmart’s online ordering really is. They have been incompetent and mistake filled for years now. You would think by now Kmart would have gotten a little better.
    How can they be so bad at managing a website, filling orders and shipping? It’s not rocket science. Something is really wrong here and they need to let someone take over that can run the show. Either that or just stop faking it and give up the online sales.

  • cac1959 says:

    I received an e-mail canceling one of my 2 orders and adjusting another order from 2 cases down to 1… I contacted one of my friends and asked if he still wanted a case even at the regular price… he said yes…

    I added it to my cart… it converted to $78.90… minus the 10% discount code KMART10pSavings… had to pay shipping this time.

    I have no clue what they’re doing… so in that aspect I’m like them… this whole episode is leaving me with a bad taste… and on Saturday it will cost Kmart when I don’t buy as many Cars as I otherwise would have.

  • NascarFan says:

    Anyone getting cancelled orders?

  • Dunroamin says:

    A positive in all this:

    I went to my KMART profile and clicked on my recent orders. The price is still listed as: 78.40. Then, I clicked on the item and it brought me to the order page for the same case at a different price. So at least I know it is the same item.

    Still not sure of the final price though, but as long as it is the right item, I’ll take it to alleviate the anxiety at the event. If the event goes well, just more extras to share with the TFAD community…

  • megaidash says:

    Appears to be live again online. I just order a case for the new price.

    The annoying part is that the price is still listed for $79.80 on my iphone and it won’t let you order it.

    (MET: if the page has not been closed for a while, try refreshing or re-loading it).

  • Micky says:

    It’s 6:58am east coast and not live yet. I placed an order on Sat and got an email confirmation later that day. It does say at the bottom of the order:

    Note: Merchandise availability and pricing are not guaranteed

    So…I have little hope I will ever see the case I ordered. They will probably wait until the 16th to cancel the order. That happened to me one year over a mix up with eBillMe orders. The cancellation email came after the event (of course they would not reorder the case) so I had to scramble to get the Cars I wanted. I will go to the event on Sat and try to get the Cars I want.

    • Micky says:

      It’s up. The question is…should I place another order at regular price in case they don’t honor the sale price on the first order? Any suggestions? Buying something from Kmart (and Sears) is like playing the lottery. The odds are stacked against you.

      (MET: It seems unlikely they would cancel the first orders since it wasn’t like some secret coupon, manipulation or especially an obvious error (ticket to Hawaii for $29) … they automatically offered a sale price (a normal range @20% off) + free shipping, who are we to argue? … of course, I can’t guarantee it but it seems we have a pretty leg to stand on …).

    • NascarFan says:

      only looks like its up:

      Item not added to cart.
      We are sorry, this item couldn’t be added to your cart. Please try again later.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Well I’ll repost this again if anyone missed it last time. Just in case they do charge for shipping —

    you can sign up for free shipping at Sears through here –


    It says 3-month trial, but it gave me a year. Just remember to undo the ‘auto-renew’ right after you order.

  • NascarFan says:

    Still nothing on the site, ….waiting

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