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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: The Mattel Oil Rig Ambush Playset

Looks like the The Mattel Oil Rig Ambush Playset has made it out.

Check with Rob’s Palace of Disney CARS – as it looks like they got their cases in. Thanks for the nice photos.

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  • nlg510 says:

    I got this today for my birthday along with the action agents crabby boat playset!

  • bobbyjack says:

    Think we will be sticking with the DS oil rig. It has held up pretty good since Christmas.

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    Am I the only one that is not impressed with the quick changers? They cost more than the die cast but yet their quality is much less. The stickers are always coming off right out the package and naturally this bugs my son so he just peels them off. Total waste for us 🙁

    (MET: while there are some fans, the lack of sales at retail pretty much tell the story … they should be priced about $3 less than they are now … I doubt we will get many more releases).

  • Tom says:

    The Dstore playset looks quite nice but is very flimsy. My main complaint with this one (not knowing the price) is no crane! That is the best part of the oil rig.

  • DDD says:

    We already have the Disney Store oil rig, which is better than this one. I just can’t get into these plastic cars that are over six dollars, and have not one but two sets each of sticker eyes that are misapplied, bumpy, and peeling.

    What’s the new Acer do?

  • cooldude9 says:

    There’s a Quick Changer Acer now! SWEET!!

  • John says:

    This set marks the second wave of Quick Changers we’ve been waiting for. It includes Finn with machine guns and Mater and Holley with pop-out wings. (but no tail fin for Holley 🙁 )
    I hope the machine gun Finn isn’t exclusive to this set. (There was an exclusive McQueen in the first playset, so they might well have done it again.) We already have Disney Store and TRU wooden line oil derricks…

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