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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Micro Drifters Singles & Launcher

So, it looks like CASE A contain these 4 3-packs of the Micro Drifters:

Cute (if not canon) 3-pack.

Will be a sellout …

Are the 4 evenly packed in a case of 24 (or 8 each including the one below) or are there 20 of the Finn-Grem & Prof Z 3-packs? 🙂

(and the one you saw the other day)

The Mack is available online and the Launcher.

Thanks CTC – I’m not sure if they are carrying them but you can drop them a line to double check.

Looks like CASE B will contain the next two releases:

Nigel Gearsley, Jeff Gorvette & Francesco Bernoulli

Lightning McQueen, Raoul Caroule & Mater.

But let us know if you any in stores – this line won’t be long for the world if only TRU carries it.


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