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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Hydraulic Ramone 2011

Hydraulic Ramone finally arrived after 3 long years …

And yes, he shares a name with this Hydraulic Ramone from “CARS 1.”

Who by most measures is not very “hydraulicy” and more Red Ramone … and to add to the confusion, I do not believe in CARS 2 he appears as a purple jacked up CAR?

Compared to Purple Ramone of CARS 1 – the purple is a couple shades lightly and speaking of lighter, his face plate is now plastic …

No, he does NOT adjust or change position – he is & stays in the raised position. And BTW, if you are opening, get some scissors – he is firmly encased in his plastic bubble holder and if you just try to yank him out, some of the wheels might snap off, you are much safer cutting the bubble this time.

Or Hit-by-a-And Tumbleweed Von Dutch style …

Back ..

He’s got words in his back window – it’s all squiggly – ILLUMINATI!

From ‘Angels & Demons”, it’s the same anagram from all sides!


Okay, not really but I did have to pull out a magnifying glass and a 300 watt light source … it reads RADIATOR SPRINGS.


But backwards and upside down?

I think it reads ‘Collect Them All!’

From the Kmart Case & the forthcoming-arriving CASE F Case.

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  • John says:

    All gone from our local Kmart. Rubber tire’d Shu and Nigel almost gone.

  • Tom says:

    Plastic faceplate so it is easier and cheaper to change expressions, eh?
    Anyone else notice the Kday LMQ has a one piece metal face? No poor fitting two piece faceplate.
    Looks like Ramone also “leaded-in” his door seams for a true custom look. Also, he painted his chain license plate frame.
    The old Cars with three-dimensional “eyelids” were nicer, I see they have done away with that as well.

  • Rick says:

    Met you are correct. Purple hydraulic Ramone was not featured in Cars 2.

  • shaggy says:

    are his wheels adjustable?

    (MET: No, info added to post).

    • John in Missouri says:

      And for about 65 cents more in parts, they could have easily added a spring-loaded faux-hydraulic mechanism. Mattel’s cost-cutting measures are really showing through in this line, and it’s going to bite them in the “butte”!

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    The reversed color on the hood flames is a pretty cool change. The flame coloration looks a little different on the side decal too. Is this the first Ramone to have all of his side window framing painted in? It’s kind of cool that the purple is a bit different than the original, but I too am wondering if he even appears in Cars 2 in this scheme – shouldn’t he have been released on a night skyline card, as rubber tire McQueen, King, and Chick were? I did notice that the plastic mouth plate causes a “crack” in the paint/decal where the mouth plate meets the side panel; you can see it in the pics above. I love this Ramone. My 5 year old loves him too.

    • John in Missouri says:

      From what I remember, Ramone only had 3 colors in the new movie:

      • Lime Green at the beginning in Radiator Springs
      • Union Jack in England
      • Sort of a multi-color / rainbow paint scheme at the end in Radiator Springs

      (MET: That’s what I thought).

      • bobbyjack says:

        That’s because he only had 40 seconds of screen time. Imagine how many more there would be if he had 3 or 4 minutes!

      • Stig McQueen says:

        Yeah, Stigette eagerly awaits Lime Green Ramone, Union Jack Ramone (in the Mattel not-too-big scale) and Chromalusion Ramone from the Radiator Springs end scene.

        • bobbyjack says:

          That Ramone from the final scene looks a lot like the one from the sticker book where he paints himself all the different colors in his shop at the same time.

  • kdthomas says:

    Good to see that mine are not the only ones that have the stripe running into his eyes. Quality Control!

    • quercy says:

      Line 2 have changed “Quality Control” for “I Don’t Care Control”

      • bobbyjack says:

        Nahh, they just added another dimension to the hunt. Now, you not only have to find the character, but you have to find one with the least amount of paint chips and scratches! FUN FUN FUN! It also ends getting them online, because you need to study them in the store before you purchase!

        • quercy says:

          In 25 years from now…. (Me walking in a huge warehouse presenting my CARS collection to some friends…) Here is a “McQueen” from CARS 3. The card show Mater, the label name is upsidedown, the “95” decal is missing on the hood, there is a huge chip on what seems to be the only tiny piece of metal left, there is one eye fix and the other is lenticular, 2 tires and plastic and the other 2 synthetic and the mouth have been installed… on the back… BUT!, it is in MINT condition and never played with! The card is perfect, no soft corners, no crease, the peg holder is intact and the blister has NO scratch at ALL!!!… (Simultaniously all my friends are releasing a big…) OOOOHHHHHH.

  • cac1959 says:

    It is definitely a nice Car to finally add to the collection… I liked the darker purple color better…

    No difference at all between the Kmart one and the F case one – I was able to get both Ramone and Nigel singles from an eBay purchase last week…

  • bobbyjack says:

    If I’m not mistaken this was one of the last cars that that really cool guy who used to post on here was designing before Mattel had him take over another project. Opened this last night. My son dropped it a few times, but it hasn’t broken yet!

    • jestrjef says:

      It is a great car .. and YES, Martin would be very proud that it FINALLY got out into the world where we could appreciate it!! 😀 I do know he WANTED it to actually MOVE up and down … but Mattel smacked him on the hand and said, “NO!!” 🙁

  • collectormom says:

    I’m guessing this release replaces Deluxe Hi-Lo Ramone from the 2009 collector checklist

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