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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Toys R Us Germany Passport

Toys R Us Germany-Austria & Switzerland is offering a passport of discounts and promotional CARS this summer.

“Dolly” was not only nice enough to send along the link but also crawled out of a sick bed to translate it for us – thanks “Dolly” and hope you & the family are feeling better soon!

Der Pass für den Spaß : The Pass for the Fun.

On the 28. July is finally the Cars 2 Film in the Cinemas. This is a fast-paced hunting around the world. With Lighting McQueen, Mater and there new friends and there opponents.And for this World Travel we have for you this Cars 2 Passport just here at Toys”R”Us. Pay attention to the dates and press the pedals.

From 21.07.2011 : Free Cars Poster at all UCI -Cinemas (this Cinemas are just 24 in whole Germany, here is the link: http://www.uci-kinowelt.de/, not even in Hamburg 🙁 and the nearest one to my city is about 6 hours away Disappointed smile so no poster for Diego).

Now are the Heroes from Cars 2 coming to you’re home. The Official Theater Poster is for free if you show this Pass at every UCI-Cinema.

28.07.2011 With Toys”R”Us free to the Cinemas.

Drawn your favorite Character from Cars and take it to your nearest TRU Store on the 28.07 and get (for the first 50 Kids) a free 3D ticket for the new Cars 2 film.

From 14.07 new at TRU.
Cars 2 for Nintendo DS. Now an extra Character and 2 extra skins.

Entered in the DS Chrom menu the code below and secure the bonus material: Character-z professor and cool oufits for hook and Francesco.

Professor Z: 478282
Hook: 741139
Francesco: 174133

Maybe these codes will work in the US-Canada version also?

20% off PAY LESS

20% off for the Mattel Cars 2 Tokio Trackset. Statt €39,99 for €31,99

All actions are just in Toys”R”Us Stores in Germany.
While stocks last.

Our original post – for US readers, a first glimpse at the next “metallic” (Ransburg) paint CARS coming – Jeff Gorvette & Nigel Gearsley. In Germany, like the metallic Lightning, buy 25 EU during each period to get a free metallic paint car, in the US, you can simply buy it for $6.99.

Thanks, “Dolly.” Get well!

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