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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: 2-Packs Case Assortment Checklist

Here’s your 2-pack case assortment out and coming … humm, I think I can be psychic and guess which forthcoming cases might be more popular than others.

Of course, for those that care, Brent & Darrell Cartrip are available in two configurations …

And while this is the international card (thanks, David V.), you can also find this version in the US …

So are “Chris” or “Johan,” famous retired drivers in Europe? Though are their fans confused why they are now a silver Monte Carlo and shout Boogity, Boogity, Boogity? 🙂

For those curious, yes, Darrell Cartrip has a different eye position and expression from Darrell Cartrip CARS 1 (2009-2011).

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  • kdthomas says:

    These have been peg warmers everywhere so far around me. From the comments it looks like this is the case everywhere. I guess time will tell after the release of the movie if that moves more off the pegs. Not sure that we need 7 cases of the same thing though. Big Lots…here they come.

  • kachow95 says:

    I just read this post today and funny thing is that I was at target yesterday and noticed Darrell and brent where on opposite sides but I thought it was just my imagination. Guess I have to go back for that one. 😉

  • Somebody must fire the proofreader for typos.
    Matrtel? C’mon, spellcheck please.
    Or is that the international spelling of Mattel?

  • quercy says:

    Matell knows very well what they are doing. They have not done any mistakes. Thay don’t lose any money. Thay actually do millions. WE are the ones who complaint and saying we won’t buy anymore and we will stop collecting… But we still here trying to get them all…. Comon guys you know me by now… You know I am not serious… I AM VERY SERIOUS 😉

  • pwschuh says:

    And this is EXACTLY why I stopped collecting after I completed my CARS I collection (well, except for the Apple car…). This problem was getting worse and worse as CARS I went along and I knew they were going to purposely make it even worse in CARS 2, taking advantage of completist collectors in this way. No Thank You.

    Donating extra cars to kids or hospitals is great if you’re an opener, but I display my collection unopened.

  • Crazy Cars says:

    Mattel has always been known for the Buy an exclusive and get something in multiple that you already have tons of. But they know we are going todo it. We need the car for our collection. They saw it in cars1.
    So here is what I do and you can too !
    Take all those extra cars and place them neatly in a box and in November
    you donate them to a local toy charity that will use them for stocking stuffers etc. for Christmas. Its a win – win for everybody,
    Try it and you will not feel so bad about those extra cars now !!!


    • bobbyjack says:

      Those toy donation boxes only accept new, unwrapped toys. We can’t just put the cars we don’t want in a box and leave it in the Toys for Tots box. The only way you could get away with that is to neatly remove the cars you want from a three or five pack and replace them with different duplicate cars from other box sets. And make sure you create a box set that a child would actually enjoy playing with. Not two of the same car and three of another. You only do that if you are going to return it to the store.

      • Crazy Cars says:

        Thats true Bobby J , but only if you use toys for tots but there are several others out there that will take them as long as they are clean.
        Salvation Army , Children services, Local Police and Fire Depts to name a few. Those are the ones we use. If you do not want to do it I will. I would be more than happy to give you my address if you want to donate some. And yes I understand this is for openers , but only a suggestion.


        • bobbyjack says:

          Started a tradition at Christmastime with my kids when my oldest daughter was three. We go to the store and I have each kid pick a toy that they would want for Christmas. We go pay for it, then walk over to the donation box. I have each kid pick up the toy that they chose, tell them that they will make another poor kid very happy and have them put it in the box. The good thing is they have no problem doing this because they know Santa will bring them another one Christmas morning.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Case D, F, and G need to be canceled.

    • sidewall74shine says:

      Agree. And make some good new ones in H and after. They should’ve put Uncle with Mama Topolino, and 2 packs of minions. For Kmart, it should’ve been the chief, 2 pitties, and small accesories. Bring on Case E.

  • sidewall74shine says:

    Mattel, wake up. Why is something telling me D will be widespread. Seriously. Why does Mattel make too many catching up cases. But, knowing Mattel, D will porobably show up maybe late June and E mid July. When will the next WM 2 packs come out and the Kmart 2 packs?

  • Kevin W says:

    It will be a long time before we see case E. The movie moments don’t look like they have been touched since I bought mine on May 16th. The “singles” pegs are beginning to look a little bare though. It looks like greed has again backfired on Mattel— Trying to get us to buy the more expensive “two packs”. If little Johnie or little Suzzie sitting in the cart wants a CARS car, mommy or daddy will not think twice about throwing a $3.50 car or two in the basket. But a $7.00 car set is just mentally too expensive to appease a toddler. I have to think that the majority of the Disney cars are sold that way. Us collectors don’t make much of a dent in total sales.

  • DDD says:

    I’ve got four Finns now but I really like the security guard version. Guess I’ll also be collecting Acers and Race Team Maters. Off topic… Beware the Panini sticker book. Couldn’t miss a spoiler I really regret knowing.

  • jestrjef says:

    UGH ….. sigh …. PEG WARMER CITY!!!! 🙁

  • Dodger says:

    The dubbed german Cars-movie used “Christian Danner” as “Chris Dinner” aka “Darrell Cartrip”.
    In the recent past he is famous over here for commenting the Formel One together with “Heiko Wasser”.
    And he was called “Heiko Water”(to sound english) aka “Bob Cutlass” in the movie.
    In the 80ies Danner was also a racecar driver- but I dont know any specific racecar for him;
    so I think a silver colored Monte Carlo with flames fits.
    I hate their “name-system” over here…giving some of the characters new “english-sounding” names;
    so Mater became Hook and Fillmore became Bully and so on…

  • cac1959 says:

    Those who don’t learn from their mistakes are destined to repeat them… So few new items… 3 new 2 packs after case A in 6 cases? No wonder Mattel determines that Movie Moments don’t sell… when they need to look in the mirror and see that it’s the case selection that causes the lack of sales.

    • MrBrownstone says:

      Race Team Mater in 2 x 2 Packs….

      Wake Up Mattel…!!!

    • sidewall74shine says:

      Yes, I think Cases B, D, F, and G are all completely unnecessary (although one of the 2 may be a Christmas case for small shops around November/December). Race Team Mater and Zen Master Pitty, along with Francesco and McQueen will probably be clogging shelves, while Acer and Security Finn and Mater and Sal will be sought after. Why doesn’t Mattel learn from their mistakes?

  • bobbyjack says:

    Oh well, I guess we could always use another Race Team Mater and another Acer.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Looks like Mattel knows exactly how to rip you off- give you an exclusive and give you a car you’ve already gotten in a different 2 pack. Nobody’s going to be able to make it out of this without multiples.

    • sidewall74shine says:

      Yeah, and the original Movie Moments contained 2 unique cars. Now, look. Mattel should stop, they lose money.

      • Fillmore1234 says:

        They actually gain money by doing that. See, all Singles at my Wal-Mart came out the 15th, and all 2 packs came out the 17th and 18th. So I would buy a single, then have to rebuy it in a 2 pack a few days later only to get 1 new Car. So they made a heck of a lot of profit off of me!

        • sidewall74shine says:

          I see what you mean, but they shouldn’t do it, they’ll clog the shelves, like Pit Row packs. Plus, while we would buy those big packs, I can easily see a parent buying kid some singles, and then a week later, they’ll refuse to buy a 4 pack with 3 duplicates just for 1 car. Plus, by the end of the Cars 2 line, we’ll have a Mt. Everest of duplicates. I have ways they could’ve rearranged these multipacks, still made sence, and even more cars could’ve been released. Ex. David Hoobscap and Brent, Uncle T and Mama T, 2 packs of minions, etc.

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