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Disney Pixar CARS 2: The CARS 2 Marketing Machine Starts & Get Free Stuff!

State Farm, the sponsor of the Agents on a Mission Tour

Who wants a State Farm box set of insurance reps & Pitty’s? πŸ™‚

Speaking of boxes, if you eat these Kellogg products, you earn points towards CARS 2 stuff …

Enter your codes at the Kellogg’s CARS 2 Passport website.

Not bad, $5 bucks of gas will buy you another trip to Target.

I would only want that pocket translator if it spoke Mater-ese …

But Kimberly Clark is offering way more stuff including cash, movie ticketsΒ  & diecast CARS! I know the K-C promotions is also open in Canada and it sounds like in Europe and elsewhere, they are going to offer it also (but presumably on a separate website).

Just enter the code … while I think Kellogg products are one point per purchase, the Kimberly Clark products vary in value …

Especially if you need diapers, load up! Here’s a list of the main product lines that will earn you points.

1.2 million boxes of Kleenex tissues will carry a password and 3D glasses allowing buyers to view three-dimensional Cars 2 content on a dedicated website.

The prizes are pretty nice bonus for a lot of stuff you’d normally buy …

Products can be purchased in multiple transactions and codes can be entered until September 30, 2011. After you enter the code, you will receive a free gift voucher delivered by mail. The following rewards can be redeemed at participating retailers:

* Collect 20 credits from participating Kimberly-Clark product and get a Cars 2 Mattel Die-Cast Car or Crayola Giant Coloring Pages.

* Collect 35 credits from participating Kimberly-Clark product and get a Cars 2 Mattel Die-Cast Car with Lights & Sounds or Crayola Color Wonder.

* Collect 50 credits from participating Kimberly-Clark product and get a $10 VISA Prepaid Card or Cars 2 Movie Voucher.

I do not know if you get to choose the diecast – when you earn enough points, let us know!

And another good deal, Rayovac Batteries will discount or buy you a movie ticket for any Disney-Touchstone movie including CARS 2.

3 codes can be redeemed to receive a free print at home Hollywood Movie Money admission certificate to see Cars 2 or any Disney/Touchstone movie up to $14.

2 codes can be redeemed to receive a print at home Hollywood Movie Money discount certificate for $6 off Cars 2 or any Disney/Touchstone movie.

1 code can be redeemed to receive a print at home Hollywood Movie Money discount certificate for $3 off Cars 2 or any Disney/Touchstone movie.

And while you might have a bunch of the CARS DVD’s – if you need a replacement or an extra, buying them at Target (ONLY) will net you a code for a free ticket to CARS 2.

It’s not as good as the Rayovac deal which can net you up to $14 towards your ticket while this is capped at $8.50 back. CARS Blu Ray Combo, or the CARS Ultimate (above – on sale for $29.99).

Or buy Fisher Price CARS 2 stuff and get a free mini backpack.

So, remember, you’re not spending money, you’re saving money! πŸ™‚



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24 May 2011 Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 15 Comments


  • quercy says:

    Received coupons package today promoting CARS 2 items. Here what is written on the last page about the $5.00 OFF coupon for the World Grand Prix Race Launcher?… “Fill your launcher by purchasing participating products to complete your collection with all 30 Die Cast CARS and all 15 Lights & Sounds Character CARS”. That is confusing, scary or be a good news…. Why “all 30 Die Cars” ? Is this 30 differents CARS than the regular singles? If no, why it is limited to 30??? Looks like there will be at least 15 L&S cars… MET? Can you demystify this?

    (MET: I think they just randomly added up all the non-exclusives out in the first wave which is about 30 – there is a L&S listing somewhere, I’ll update and do a post in the next day or so).

  • LASinCA says:

    My big bro has a State Farm office. Gonna have to email him!

  • bobbyjack says:

    Mia and Tia’s mom is a State Farm agent.

  • MackDaddy says:

    Overexposure always kills it for me. πŸ™

  • DJBENNETT22 says:

    Thoose are pets? I SPY TREV’S one with a luxo ball on him! and at the end of the clip… SILVER RIM MATER! from the puzzle. now what about raoul…

  • Nitroapolis says:

    Check out the TRU website…they have a Light and Sounds Miguel Camino…

    BTW…did you know Francesco’s crew chief’s name is Giuseppe Motorosi…they have a wood 2-pack with him and Francesco…so now you know his name.

    Also, Carla’s cc’s name is most likely Cruz Besouro. Same thing as FB…found it in a two pack o’ wood collection.

  • por356 says:

    Kimberly-Clark is also sending out a flyer with coupons, including one for $5.00 off the Cars 2 World Grand Prix Launcher.

  • John in Missouri says:

    As a lifelong customer of State Farm, do you think they would just send me those Pittys out of the blue?

    “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is THERE. With a whole bunch of Pittys!!”

  • bobbyjack says:

    Saw some kind of commercial on ESPNews this morning while getting ready to go to work. Something about Cars 2 and not driving distracted. It showed some scenes from the movie that I hadn’t seen yet. A whole bunch of the characters in different crashes. I’m guessing the Not Driving Distracted part had something to do with State Farm Insurance.

  • karen says:

    I have to wonder how long all this will last before we once again have a hard time finding the cars we want, just like for the original movie.

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