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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Singles Next #17 to #25

Are you all set on singles #1 to #16?

What’s next?

Well, a bunch you’ve already seen in box sets but if you’re not a collect ’em all or you’re waiting for a box set sale – many other racers are coming as singles …

#18 … yea, no one really knows his name apparently as he’s been called everything but Mr. Big Stuff and Mrs. Jones. Looks like we have to convene a committee to resolve this issue.

#19 – After YEARS of waiting, he’s officially designated HYDRAULIC RAMONE – yes, that name was assigned in CARS 1 but for CARS 2, he’s HYDRAULIC RAMONE. Though clearly he’s all painted scheme as the last CARS 1 CAR?

#24 – A first look at Lewis Hamilton, the diecast.

#25 – first look at Carlo Maserati diecast.

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  • bobbyjack says:

    Spam sandwich. Heh-Heh.

  • rc models says:

    Is there anybody else who take pleasure in playing with remote controlled vehicles just as significantly as i do? With a little luck ill never get too old for that! : )

  • gabriel says:

    hydraulic ramone in ebay

  • boots says:

    has anyone found miles axelrod or petrov trunkov??? seached numorous stores, is this case E out yet? or are these hard fides??? seen some carla but not these two listed. met is case E wrong ???

  • Tom says:

    Has anyone seen evidence of any new Fords in C2? Here is the breakdown I have so far by manufacturer.

    Lizzie-Ford Model T
    Sarge-Ford GPW

    Luigi-Fiat 500
    Acer-AMC Pacer
    Grem-AMC Gremlin
    Rod-Dodge Challenger
    Sarge-Willys MB

    Aston Martin:
    Nigel Gearsly-DB9-R
    Finn McMissile-DB5

    Miguel Camino-Nissan 370Z

    Jeff Gorvette-Chevrolet Corvette
    Ramone-Chevrolet Impala

    Raoule Caroule-Citroen DS3?

    Max Schnell-Mercedes C-Class

    Fillmore-VW Type 2
    Prince William-Bently Continental GT

    Tata/Jaguar/Land Rover:
    David Hobbscap-Jaguar E-Type
    Lewis Hamilton-Jaguar XK? or Aston-Martin Vantage?
    Sgt. Highgear-Land Rover Series 1
    Miles Axelrod-Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover custom 2-door?

    BMW/Cooper/Rolls Royce:
    LMQ Fan-Cooper Mini
    The Queen-Rolls Royce Phantom IV

    I will update some more as time allows. If anyone would like to share their info, please do!

  • 4343markm says:

    anyone know when the kmart days are going to be?

    (MET: June 25)

  • quercy says:

    WOW! Just saw the 2011 poster (probably the one we will get at KMart day 6… and this is VERY exciting… Finn McMissile Security Guard, Sal Machiani, Pope Pinion IV and The Popemobile are shown… Each car has a bio… That was about time Matell…

  • quercy says:

    http://www.mattel.com/cars2 is now working 🙂

    My son was allowed (deserved 🙂 ) to choose one single at the store tonight. He choose Red Torque…. Then that was a little bit difficult to make him understand his name is Red Torque when is color is “Blue”… We got a good time with that!

  • John in Missouri says:

    Everyone’s always wishing for the Apple iCar from the first movie, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if they had a Microsoft eCar in the second movie? I’d put it in about 3 different scenes throughout the film; maybe the first scene it would have the Pitty’s trying to start it up and get it going, but to no avail. The second scene could be the eCar sputtering along about 30 laps behind the rest of the field. Finally, the Pittys would hook it up to a diagnostic machine, only to reveal nothing but the blue screen of death.

  • DDD says:

    OK…been trying to post this from my phone all day and it hasn’t worked. If no one else has noticed…Target has done another markdown, and the nine-car Speedway set is just $7.48! Also had one hauler for $3-something…but’s that’s all I’ve seen, and after being to several Targets in the last few days (driving around Orlando on fun/business), I only saw these 9-packs at ONE store, and they had two endcaps full! Like it’s where they all went to die. (It’s in Casselberry, if you’re around here!) Hoping to hit a few more tomorrow on the way back to Jacksonville and find that Tokyo crane…but everything from Cars 1 seems like it’s been pulled.

  • PirateDad says:

    Very 😀 with the Cars II diecast releases so far…actually have knot checked as single Canadian store yet, so maybe I willre serve the right to complain about that…..BUT I was in the USA on bizness and found all I wanted and more quite easily.

    Have knot seen any complaints about it, o maybe it is just me, but I thought that the Kmart Exclusive of Mater with the headphones was WAY over priced at $6.99…I mean only .50 cents more for an oversized or 2 pack?!?!

  • HeapofTrouble says:

    Had a good week in South Georgia. I got everything plus everything but Filmore, Wasabi Mater, and A Petrov for the grandsons. Kohl’s had Sarge as a single but no Filmore. Bought Rod Torque Redline as damaged and single (for color difference) but will wait for Miquel as a single. Saw Uncle Topolino with oil can at TRU but passed on him; still thinking I will get him if a re-order comes in.

    Keep the information flowing so those of us in the rural areas know what to look for. A new Wal-mart opened this morning but they still only had what our other Wal-mart had on Monday. Sears has only open hooks so not sure which singles they are expecting. Final count 37 new cars with 7 duplicates for me and 34 for the grandsons with 2 duplicates. They now have 367 different vehicles and I’ve got 435. Between us we have 165 duplicates.

  • corinne says:

    Does anyone know if mcqueen fan & carla fan will be available in any other way besides the target 4 packs ????

  • quercy says:

    MET what happened with LMQ Winner Circle you have listed in a coming CASE? And Sonia? why she have disappear from your Matrix?

    (MET: LM Winner’s Circle is just McQ with Racing Wheels and now I believe Sonia is now Carla Velso).

  • snosno says:

    California apparently has the case with Petrov and Miles because someone on eBay has them for sale. Not to bad of a price right now considering. I have a slim amount of patience so Im going to wait.

    (MET: Case E is shipping – not everyone has received it yet).

  • Rebecca says:

    Can’t wait for some of these. Don’t want them all just the racers. 🙂

    Met do you have a date on these to be released.? Thanks

  • MustangJoe says:

    Should I buy Pit Crew Mater or wait for these? Can someone please tell me if these are coming out before or after the movie?

  • christine says:

    anyone know if zen pitty will be out as single or not?

    (MET: That one seems unlikely as Pitty’s alone do not tend to sell well … it might appear in a box set however …).

  • Bumper Save says:


  • naora@Japan says:

    Damn. You’ll also increase my Mattel’s collection.

  • CaseStalker says:

    Speaking of new releases will the Kmart 2 packs with the pitty/race car combos be out soon or did I already miss them?

  • MustangJoe says:

    So looks like these will come out after the movie right?

  • gabriel says:

    yes, ramone, yes news ramone green limon

  • boogity says:

    none of this in the UK yet, the only thing of note here is “diddley squat” and i,ve found him too many times to remember!

  • Justin-Case says:

    So glad I held off on the launchers. I’m trying to stick with singles ($$$$)Also Lewis Hamilton is awesome. Can’t wait! Any idea of a release date for these guys MET?

    (MET: Lewis is not scheduled until after summer – I think just before his arrival as a rubber tire CAR on KM Day 7 … 🙂 … If one were cynical, one might think the launcher version of him arrives in early summer … or in a box set 🙂 ).

  • BMW says:

    With this list, it makes 9 of the 11 racers for singles. 3 to go.
    Going to hang onto the launchers, they are super nice, with the graphics on the back.

  • MWH80 says:

    Hydraulic Ramone…you shall be mine…though you’re going to screw up my display order in my cases.

  • Bob Eckel/TheeNaughty Knight says:

    Well, I think I need to just STOP trying to buy any CARS 2 right now… My City/State of Dothan Alabama has (2) K-Marts and (2) Wal-Marts… ALL FOUR STORES said, “WE FORGOT” on 16 MAY 2011. North Side Wal-Mart around 15:30 hours on 16 May placed 5 quick pick boxes of Die-cast cars on 5 shelves, along with some BIG 3-5 year old play toys and some really big STYROFOAM Jets… NO ONE ELSE ON 16 MAY… On 17 MAY around 9 am, South Side Wal-Mart had the same big 3-5 year old play sets and NO DIE CAST CARS, while South Side K-Mart Told me they were in back and would be bringing them out shortly! 10 minutes and 2 carts later… out they roll… Very Disappointing! Oh and North Side K-Mart, said they should have them out tomorrow and also a TRUCK would be in on WED and Fri so to check back on Thu and Sat…. WHAT A SAD CITY I LIVE IN!!!! Of course I will NEVER get any more CARS 2 until they sell the Cars 1 on the shelves and then place cars 2 if and when they get them …etc etc.

  • Dunroamin says:

    Anyone have extras of #5, #10-11, #13-16…no evidence in my area…also, the 3 Walmarts have not put anythig out yet!…I need those WM exclusive 4 packs!

    email me
    have TRU and KM exclusives to trade…


    (I will eventually post his on the trade forum)

    • bobbyjack says:

      The Walmart exclusives are L&S Spy Mater and the four Mater’s Secret Mission 2 packs. Only the first 2 have been released so far and they are not that exciting. All 4 of the characters have already been released as singles just without the infrared eye piece on Mater and the weapon for Finn. I’m waiting for the L&S version of Finn with weapon to be released. The other two 2 packs have repaints of Grem and Acer but they are considered different characters. Still waiting for them to show up. The Walmarts should be getting the end cap trays with over 100 of the first 16 singles so you can get any you missed.

  • cac1959 says:

    Wow… can’t wait to find these…

  • DDD says:

    Was hoping for more non-racers…not my faves.

    In Orlando for a coupla days…big new TRU was really cleaned out (did they get three times as many Uncle Topolino five-packs? That’s all I’m still seeing), Wal Marts and Kmart just not into it, and Targets still full, with all charger displays jammed. Was in Downtown Disney yesterday and saw a couple of gigantic vinyl banners with that triptych image…nice to see everything so clearly! Also stopped in Ridemakerz for the first time…they have other versions than TRU, including a black Finn, plus original-color Mater, a Sally, and Mater the Greater. Tried to get better rims for my TRU Finn, but passed…$6 for four vs. $3.50 at TRU, and nothing really matched.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Hopefully Clutch Ripgonski will be released on Kmart day 6! If Francesco is released too, that would be cool. Open wheeled rubber tired cars would be neat. Maybe Lime Green Ramone for one of the first-to-market Cars?

    • John in Missouri says:

      Maybe Hydraulic Ramone will be a Kmart Day surprise.

      • Fillmore1234 says:

        K-Mart– what I hope will be there on the 25th
        3x Lightning with Racing Wheels
        2x Carla Veloso
        3x Francesco Bernoulli
        2x Jeff Gorvette
        2x Nigel Gearsley
        2x Miguel Camino
        1x Rip Clutchgoneski
        1x Shu Todoroki
        1x Max Schnell
        1x Raoul Caroule
        1x Lewis Hamilton
        2x Finn McMissile
        1x Grem
        1x A Trunkov
        1x Acer

        So wide majority of Cars, and comes out to be 24 per Case. Oh Mattel hear my plea! 🙂

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Hydraulic ramone!!! About time!!! I was afraid we would have to wait ’til Cars3!!!

    Lewis looks great! Almost enough to make me wanna buy him!!!

  • bobbyjack says:

    Not planning on opening anything before the movie, so I might be returning a couple of launchers to Kohl’s. With the discounts, they only cost a few more dollars than the singles though. Kohl’s return policy is so lax, I can hang on to the launchers until I track down the singles. No word on a street date for this case?

  • stephanie j says:

    finally I will get the Hydraulic Ramone. After all these years.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Miguel Camino rocks!! Thank goodness I don’t need to plunk down $18.99 for that Target 4-pack anymore!

    …and while I’m talking high prices, no need for those launchers either!

  • collectormom says:

    Do we know if these will be out before the movie!

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