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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: 3-Pack Photos + Updated Checklist

“Richard P.” sends along what looks like the first case of 3-packs …

The case should hold 6 so presumably there are two of each of the first three available are in CASE A.

The Double Decker Bus 3-pack looks like a TIIIGGHHHHTTTTT squeeze …

And it seems they are now called Characters Stars 3-packs.

These are available at “other channels,” which means it WON’T BE available at Target, WM or TRU. This might change down the line but for now – you won’t find these at the big three – these are available to all other retailers & Mattel online resellers.

Of course, NOT officially available for sale for another 2 weeks + a few … 🙂

“Micky” also sends along the cardback.

Another character’s name is now correctly assigned – once listed as ‘Zapor,’ he is ‘Petrov Trunkov.’

So, the 3-pack checklist has been updated.

And presumably, CASE B of the 3-packs will contain 2 each of the 4th and 5th 3-pack listed and presumably 2 of 3 of the first three 3-packs listed. CASE B is scheduled for release soon.

Thanks for the nice pics, “Richard P.,” and “Micky” and name update info – thanks!

New Buying Matrix Chart coming tomorrow.

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  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Saw these at Kohl’s today. there were about 15 of each. I noticed the Double Decker bus is different from the one in the picture. One is #13(I think) and the other is #91.

  • Eric says:

    Alright John and BMW, here is one for you sticklers…

    So above, the Holley 3-pack shows Petrov Trunkov on the back of the box as the name of the rusty old car. The ones I have picked up say A Trunkov on the back. Error? Production date issue? Que pasa? Should I list em on eBay for $1 million doll hairs? Hold on to that one Julia!

  • DDD says:

    Are Vladimir Trunkov and Petrov Trunkov two different characters? After a casual online search, it’s a little hard to tell..there are movie stills of Vladimir (with the yellow stripe) but not of Petrov (same car without the stripe), and Mattel has Petrov while the Disney Store has Vladimir, but neither has the other…I’m wondering if it was a character design/name change after Mattel could change gears. (I can’t find voice credits for either.) The Pixar Wiki just says they have the same last name, but only has the shot of Vladimir. Just curious…if they’re brothers, it’s odd that the two companies chose opposite ones to create, and neither opted to do the brother.

    (MET: The DS one is blue so I’m presuming they are related … probably they wanted to release different ones in the first wave. It’s more likely Mattel will release both but hey, we are not officially selling CARS yet. 🙂 ).

  • Micky says:

    The Cars2 3-packs were found at Kohl’s in Florida yesterday. The box is marked $19.99 with a sale of additional 30% off. At the register they rang up at $22.99. The clerk corrected the error and they rang up at $13.99 each. Today I went back to Kohl’s and the price now is buy 1 get 1 50% off. The boxes are still marked $19.99 so if they ring up as $22.99 they will correct them at the register.

  • quercy says:

    Well… I have done my homework yesterday night from MET’s Matrix Checklist doing all the possible crosscheck to find out what I must buy to get them all with minimal number of duplication. I end up having to buy 7 singles, 6 Deluxe, 13 2-pack, two 2-pack and one 5-pack. That will represent approx $275 and I will be forced to buy the following cars more than once. Carla Veloso, “Plastic” Bernoulli twice, Grem and LMQ w/Racing Wheels twice. Not too bad after all!!! There is no need to but any 3-pack so far. My only issue is I can’t get Race Team Mater with Bomb and Tomber Sipping Oil without buying two more 5-pack adding 8 more duplicate cars… Hopefully some will be announced as single and make this possible. NOTE: I didn’t count RED since he is a half-plastic replica from line 1. I do not see why I need him.

    Is SplicePie have the single case D content for us today? That may help me to reduce my expense next may 16th.

    (MET: Based on my older CASE listing, there’s just a couple singles added to CASE D – nothing not available in another format).

  • BBIG MIKE says:


    • John in Missouri says:

      Well, they have been FOUND at Kohl’s, not necessarily guaranteed to be there or over put out yet (I speak from experience).

  • LUCA says:

    I’m an unopener collector..and These 3pcks are AWESOME for me!!

  • CORINNE says:


  • jestrjef says:

    Has anyone checked to see if the facial expressions are the same as the singles, or are there multiple variant alerts here??? 🙂

  • ScoobyDoo says:

    What about a opening set box with all the characters planned sofar in all the singles, 2- packs, 3- packs and 4-packs? Would make life much easier…

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