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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Reading is Fun-da-mental

Top ten excuses when faced with this snipe on a box …

10) If there a watermark, everything in a 3-feet radius is automatically rescinded and free. I read that on the internet.

9) ‘Do Not Place on Shelf’ could mean almost anything … There’s just not enough to go on.

8) I’m not placing the box on the shelf, I’m hanging the innards on pegs!

7) He made me.

6) The MAN cannot tell ME what to do! I’m a rebel. FREEEE-DDOOOOM … oh clean up on aisle 6, okay …

5) I’m Jewish-Chinese-Mayan, that date was so 3,000 years ago …

4) If there’s Spanish and English, they cancel each other out (Arizona only).

3) Unless it says LIVE RATTLESNAKE, that’s worth reading … lesson learned the hard way.

2) If it’s real important, there would be a silhouette of a man holding a box knife and a slash through it … or an icon of Matty punching me in the groinualar area and a tiny calendar date of May 15. Words are so 19th century.

1) I didn’t come here to read. I came here to work.

Thanks for the nice snipe pics, “Red Vest Hunter.”

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