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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Easy Idle & Vinyl Toupee Lightyear Launchers For Reals …

Mariela spotted these in SouthernCal (TRU, I believe) …

And …

There are two case sizes so it’s hard to tell what case your TRU (or another store) will get … but the case includes Lightning McQueen, Easy Idle & Vinyl Toupee so you will either 2 or 4 of each …

And there is one more case listed – actually will get released? That’s harder to say … but here’s the listing.

No word on Pit Row launchers …

Thanks for photos, “Mariela.”

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12 November 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 36 Comments


  • jambouk says:

    Case B and C, just appeared on the shelf at TRU’s UK again after a year or so of nothing….strange.

  • NascarFan says:

    Does anyone have a photo of Clutch Aid Lightyear launcher nightskyline card?

    and or a photo of Rev n Go on Does Lightyear launcher nightskyline card? just in cases they exist?

  • NascarFan says:

    Would someone post the UPC and or DCPI numbers for these 3 Launchers?

    Easy Idle Lightyear Launcher

    Vinyl Toupee Lightyear Launcher

    View Zeen Lightyear Launcher

  • Murpheeie says:

    I believe that I have all of the pit row launchers
    #28 Nitroade
    #33 Mood Springs
    #34 Trunk Fresh
    #35 Shifty Drug
    #36 Tank Coat
    #43 Dinoco
    #51 Easy Idle
    #52 Leak Less
    #56 Fibre Fuel
    #58 Octane Gain
    #61 Vitoline
    #64 RPM
    #79 Retread
    #82 Shiny Wax
    #86 HtB
    #92 Sputter Stop
    #95 Rust Eze
    #123 No Stall

    Correct me if I’m wrong as I would like to complete the collection if so.

  • flophunter says:

    been waiting for the easy for awhile now, bring on the platic tire easy!!!!!!!

    i seen the cube at meijer also it was a let down i was hoping my easy was there but nope only re-releases for new collectors i guess. i remember being happy about view zeen (km1). that was so long ago now, hes still cool along with his other kmart buddys. they need a tach o mint launcher that thing would fly off the shelves. may be one day


    • Man-I-Fold says:

      Yeah, brother! Bring on the EZ-Idle launcher! They could make a giant launcher-display that shoots them across the store, across the scanner, and into the bag. Shopping made easy… easy idle. Pardon my tachy sales slogan.

  • Jinzo says:

    Hmn… hate the price of these things… 🙁 Would prefer regular launchers 🙁 I may pick up a Easy Idle since I only have 1 of him so far… Have Vinyl Toupee 2 times now (Dinoco 400 x2 & Kmart x2) 😀

  • babychristianscars says:

    easy idle was a pit row launcher. I was told it was target exclusive but who knows.

    All of these were pit row launchers and I’me probably forgetting some. Most I bought from a seller who said they were target exclusives.

    easy idle
    shiny wax
    sputter stop
    fiber fuel
    view zeen
    sidewall shine
    octain gain
    tach o mint
    spare o mint
    n2 cola
    vinyl toupee
    fauxwheel drive

    • NascarFan says:

      These are not out yet in either version of launcher:
      Tach o mint
      N2 cola

      These are not out yet in Lightyear launcher:

      shiny wax
      sputter stop
      Rev n Go was on the WOC yes but (canceled on Night Skyline card)
      tach o mint
      n2 cola
      fauxwheel drive

      • Man-I-Fold says:

        I bought Rev N Go as a LYL last year. I think it was Night skyline, just like Vitoline, Rev N Go, and Lil Torquey, but I didn’t save the card. The plastic bubble and little nametage label is the same. Did it come out briefly as a LYL night skyline but then get canceled?

    • babychristianscars says:

      didn’t say I had them all. All I know is the ones I do have the seller told me target exclusives. All the missing ones on my list except a few I have target exclusive next too, so they must be coming someday.

      • Easy Idle Pit Race-Off Launcher was not a Target Exclusive. The seller probably told you that because that’s the only place he/she found them. They were available for all merchants, including online sellers.

        The reason they were so rare is because there was only one Easy Idle launcher per case and also because this Case C was somehow released after Case D due to some sort of manufacturing debacle. Many retail stores ordered scores of cases but received Case D first so there wasn’t much ordering of Case C. The case contents consisted of:

        – Easy Idle x1
        – Mood Springs x2
        – Nitroade x1
        – and I can’t remember this one – somebody help me out here – BMW???

        • chuki_mama says:

          + 2 Fiber Fuel

        • BMW says:

          Exactly correct recollection Slicepie. Chucki Mama too.
          I maintain a case list, and this is what I have. I do need the case letter and contents of the newer cases that are not listed below if anyone has that information. Recall that Macy’s was the first place to have the Tank coat/vitoline/case A at Christmas 2 years ago.

          Launchers Case C case C was delayed and case D released first. Case C released May 09 Fiber Fuel (2) Easy Idle Mood Springs (2) Nitroade
          Launchers Case D Released May 09 Retread (2) Shiny Wax (2) RPM No Stall
          Launchers Case G Released March 2010 – Sputter Stop,(2) Spare O Mint (2), Lightning McQueen, and Chick Hicks Night Skyline cardback..
          Lightyear Launchers Case A Released August 09 (5 per case) Lil torquey Rev-n-go Bumper save Chick hicks Lightning mcqueen note some cases have Clutch Aid
          Lightyear Launchers Case B Chick Hicks, Lightning McQueen, Rev’n’Go #73, Bumper Save #90, Lil’ Torquey Pistons #117
          Light Year Launchers Case C Sept/Oct 09 Shifty Drug #35, Dirt Track Lightning McQueen, Rev’n’Go #73, Bumper Save #90, Lil’ Torquey Pistons #117

          • NascarFan says:

            Wasnt this the Launchers Case C release of the Error of Mood springs car with Nitroade launcher??

            • BMW says:

              Good Memory Kevin. I had forgotten that. Yes that was it, why case D came before C.

              Also the first cases were:
              Case A World of Cars Pit Row Race-Off launcher “VEHICLES Cars launcher w/DC asst M1892-999A.” 12/14/2007 $7.99 ea.
              2 LM,
              1 Chick Hicks,
              1 Leak Less,
              1 Nitroade
              1 The King.

              Case B Launchers WOC Race O Rama case VEHICLES N5534-999B “CARS LAUNCHER W/DC ASST.” Dec 2008 (This was the famous Macy’s case)
              Chick Hicks (1)
              Tank Coat (1)
              Vitoline (2)
              Shifty Drug (2)

  • cac1959 says:

    I just got Easy Idle and Vinyl Toupee from friends in Canada… less than 2 weeks later they’re in the US… Now if only that would work somewhere with Tach O Mint as a Pit Row Race-off launcher.

    Our Meijer just got in LYL cases with View Zeen, Lil Torquey Pistons, and McQueen on the Night Skyline cardback. $9.99 each – part of a cube with non-Cars toys.

  • NascarFan says:

    Another cars collector and I noticed that Lightning McQueen appears to be a 1 pc front end and Rusteze sticker on front of rear spoiler

  • NascarFan says:

    As previously discussed, buying these from Kmart.com will not happen. better to wait to get them in the stores

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    I saw the View Zeen LYL the other night at Toys R Us

  • L8rM8r says:

    Cool but I was really hoping that they were going to release the Pit Row Launchers. Please tell me that I don’t have to attempt making my own for the remaining racers. No one wants to see that 🙂

  • PVHaulerNo.16 says:

    Booo. Please, no more tire launchers. Go back to pit row. Those are way better. Plus, can’t you see I’m drinking here?

  • Micky says:

    The Big Toy Store at Disney Village in FL had Vinyl Toupee & Easy Idle Launchers on Wednesday.

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