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Disney Pixar CARS: iTunes Mater Tall Tales COMPLETE as DVD

If you can’t wait until your DVD arrives or if you want HD versions for your iDevice (iPod, iPhone, iPad or AppleTV), the Mater Tall Tales iTunes version is the same as the DVD-Blu Ray version content-wise.

Keep in mind the Mater Tall Tales DVD does NOT contain a digital version but if you know how to rip-convert a DVD or Blu Ray DVD to a portable or PC-Mac format, you’re set but if you don’t or don’t want to bother, the iTunes version contains all the content on the DVD versions and is ready for PC-Mac or iDevice viewing.

The oddity is that unlike the UK files which are available as separate files only, the 9 shorts are in one 35-minute file. Viewing it with the Quicktime player lets you skip to a particular chapter OR there is a special iTunes Extras navigation thing.

Buying the HD version downloads you three files, the HD 35-minute 9 shorts file, the SD (standard def) 35-minute 9 shorts file AND the “iTunes extras” (“unmade” shorts, trailers and a preview of CARSLAND).

If you click the iTunes Extras file, this is what iTunes will now look like:

You get a navigation bar on the left and clicking on it is just like clicking on a DVD navigation window.

For instance, if you click on BONUS FEATURES, you get this list …

The “unmade” Mater shorts are presented by the animator at Pixar who pitched it – it’s cute and amusing as the animators do all the voices and sound efx so if you’re planning on going into animation, be sure you feel comfortable making noises. 🙂 There are 6 of these of varying length. The other bonus features includes the CARS LAND Preview + the trailer for Mater PI. Of course, you also get the 9 shorts.

So, if you want portability of the HD version of the 9 shorts, the iTunes version is a nice way to go. The extras are ONLY playable on a PC or Mac however and not on your iDevice – maybe someday they will add that functionality but for now, you can only transfer the 9 shorts to your iDevice but it is nice that it’s unlimited – so every iPhone, iPad or iPod that is part of the HOME SHARING account – they can access and copy it to.

(clicking on link or graphic above will launch iTunes)

If you know how to rip-convert SD & HD files, or if you only want to watch them via a DVD-Blu Ray player, then the optical disc is the way to go …

AMAZON. (The Blu Ray DVD contains both the Blu Ray version & the DVD version).

Or the plain ole DVD version. Amazon.

Apparently the Blu Ray disc is an ALL REGION disc.

Because of movie studio restrictions, you cannot buy an iTunes movie-TV show and just transfer it to someone else.

The iTunes files are only for those with a US iTunes account. However, it’s an easy restriction to get around. All you need is a US iTunes card and set up a new account – you can fill in any name & address – all you need is a new email address.

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2 November 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 25 Comments


  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Anyone have a link so I won’t have to spend $10.00? Preferrably YouTube, or some other means with a moderately good quality? Don’t care if it was taped from a man’s Flip Video, just want to hear the words and be able to see the Toons. Thanks!

  • John in Missouri says:

    Picked this up at Target yesterday for $15.97 + tax. My kids LAUGHED OUT LOUD when Mater screamed “If I’m lying I’m crying” at the beginning of Heavy Metal Mater. When the disc was done, they asked me to play that part again.

  • AidensMom624 says:

    Fortunately, Aiden was off of school today, so he watched it first thing. I ran to WM to grab it, their truck didn’t come in, so they didn’t have it yet. Ran then to Blockbuster (next door to WM) and they didn’t order ANY, so no luck there either. Next stop, KMart – and they had it … so KMart it was (as gross as that store is).

    Got our TS3 (hoping to save that for his stocking, yeah right) with our $8 coupon.

    So, again, today was yet another day to help keep Disney/Pixar in business :o)

    • Fillmore1234 says:

      I feel ya. Our K-Mart is UGLY. I never go there. The only good thing about it is that I’ve bought more Cars there than anywhere else! Weird how they get Cars in the day it comes out and I saw CHristmas decor at a K-Mart in Springfield, IL, for the K-Mart event. THREE MONTHS AHEAD?!

  • kdthomas says:

    I opted for the DVD rip that I found online this weekend.

    • Quixotequest says:

      Thanks for making the convenience of your own self-endowed “rights” more important than actually paying something to support those whose livelihoods it is to create the things you desire.

      • Eric says:

        Couldn’t agree more. $20 was a little too rich for your blood there, KD? Bummer… Maybe you should slow down on the collecting so you don’t become financially burdened any more.

  • PVHaulerNo.16 says:

    Any diecast lists for Mater PI and Moon Mater? I’m excited, and it looks like cool stuff like an Aircraft Carrier, a ship, rocket, mission control pitties, a Packard, and the list could go on. And yes, Big D is a Packard, see, it’s this one:
    I recognise that anywhere, but I do see resemblance to a Duesenberg
    I hope we can get him with a new mold, but Mattel could easily cheat by just changing the grille. But it would still be cool.

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    What type of Mater is that in the first picture? Is he meant to be an astronaut? Clearly I need to buy this to catch up on all the MTT I have missed?

  • Quixotequest says:

    iTunes HD is not the same resolution as Blu-Ray.

    Granted, not all eyes appreciate the difference between iTunes’ more greatly compressed h.264 720p and BD’s less compressed MPEG-4 AVC 1080p, but there is a real difference, especially on large screen HD devices. (That’s assuming Disney releases MTT in 1080p as Blu-ray can also support 720p content on the same disc format.) That’s why I’m not a fan of iTunes’ HD content especially when the price is about the same as a Blu-ray.

    • collectormom says:

      OK Quixotequest, you sound like someone in the know so I’ll ask you. Is the HD version from iTunes worth getting over the standard version. I got the Blu-Ray version from WM for $19.99, and yes that’s what the iTunes HD versions costs. The standard version is $9.99. I really don’t think my kids will be able to tell the difference

      (MET: There is a difference – I’ll try and do a comparison in the next couple days – yea, whether you think it’s worth $10 or 100% difference if you want to go by percentages 🙂 … it’s probably about 15% sharper on a laptop/ipad or iphone).

      • Quixotequest says:

        Yeah, I work in the animation and distribution biz, and there are pros and cons to every format. The biggest PRO to DVD is the wide installed player device base, the lower media purchase cost, and that kids MAY not really care about higher definition.

        If you have a high rez TV and a BD player then I think it is worth getting the Blu-ray (BD). 1080p is the standard BD resolution, but that’s at 24 frames per second — what is normal frame rate for traditional film. With a CG film like Pixar’s they _could_ render out a movie as high as a super-smooth 59.98 frames per second — which would be a LARGE file. If they rendered anything more than 24 progressive frames-per-second then 720p is the rez that would be used even on a Blu-ray disc.

        I’m not sure what frame-rate the MTT title on iTunes HD is. (I’d guess 24p.) My biggest complaint with iTunes HD is that with most films you are getting lower resolution than Blu-ray though at the same frame rate. And for spending nearly as much cost you often give up features and are crippled to only using it on your computer with iTunes or compatible iOS devices. Any iTunes Extras or iTunes LP interfaced content still doesn’t work on iPhones, iPods nor iPads. And iTunes copy-protected content doesn’t work with other streaming software except for Apple TV devices. (I use Elgato’s EyeTV/EyeConnect software to stream DVR’d and encoded content between my Macs and my TVs and iOS devices.)

        • Quixotequest says:

          I’ll add: I think buying HD content on Blu-ray is nice for CG movies or CG-heavy films. For movies shot on traditional film it can be significantly iffy whether the Blu-ray is worth the trade up in cost and features for content you want to own given 1) That many HD Blu-ray transfers for classic and “legacy” films are being done on the cheap and without good restoration budgets and 2) As I said, DVD has its many advantages, and 3) many extra BD features like BD-Live have failed to attract the interest of most consumers.

        • collectormom says:

          WOW between you and Met I got an education today! Thanks so much for the info, and I get what you’re saying about iTunes and Apple devices. We have a Blu-Ray player for home so I ordered the Blu-Ray copy. I think I’ll stick with the standard version for the iPad for the kiddos to view

          • Quixotequest says:

            You’re welcome. I also wrote it for the benefits of other readers who might care. 🙂

            If you got the blu-ray/DVD pack why not encode a SD version off the DVD for use with your iDevices?

  • Dingo says:

    Just came back from my break to buy it at Target for my son…. fighting urge to rip it open to play on my laptop now… can’t forget it’s for my son!

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Just picked up the DVD up here in Canada… Zellers had it for 21.99$ + 13% tax.. Glad I didn’t go with Amazon as it would have cost me about the same… But we get to watch it today!!! Couldn’t wait for the kids to get home from school or wake up from nap-time…

    Mater Private Eye IS AWESOME!!!!!

    Still thought – I think the best is Tokyo Mater…

  • dekoy says:

    This may be old news (and sorry for it if it is) but on the Disney site it says there is a sneak peek of a new car from Cars 2 in Andy’s room.

    Will see for myself on Friday or Saturday, as i don’t want to interfere with their school week……………….

  • I-am-speed says:

    Picked up the Blu-Ray Toons set for $19.99 at Target, as well as the Blu-Ray combo pack of TS3 in a Target exclusive set that includes a Buzz Lightyear that also holds the disc set! Very cool bonus for just $8($32.99) more than the regular Blu-Ray combo at $24.99. Buzz is worth the $8.00! 🙂

  • collectormom says:

    I ordered the Blu-Ray from WM so it won’t be here until Friday. It sounds like you’re saying the picture quality will be better if I buy the iTunes HD version, instead of just uploading the DVD. Do they still make HD DVD’s or is the DVD that comes with the Blu-Ray disc just a regular disc? Something tells me I’m just going to buy the iTunes version as well because it’s easier

    (MET: Sorry HD DVD is dead but Blu Ray quality wise is its equal … basically, you can easily rip convert your DVD to Mp4’s to load onto your ipod, iphone, or ipad (or WMV if you prefer on non Apple devices). Technically, you can also rip-convert a Blu Ray to Mp4 (or some other “unlocked” format) but you need a Blu Ray player attached to your computer plus software plus enough storage and a fast processor … if you have it great – but hardly worth spending hundreds of dollars to rip-convert Blu Rays … so buying the iTunes version is a good option – it would be nicer if it were an unlocked format but what are you gonna do? :-/ … for me personally, the extras were cute but I don’t anticipate watching them over & over again so the fact it just resides on my computer is good enough for me & I prefer having the Toons on my portable devices … and one less DVD to worry about).

    • collectormom says:

      Thanks for the info Met! I thought HD DVD’s died a few years ago so I was confused about the HD offering on iTunes. I’m sure we’ll watch these at home mostly but every now and again when we’re out somewhere it’ll be nice to be able to show these to the boys to keep them occupied (like waiting for a table at a restaurant).
      You’re such a smartie!

      (MET: There was once two disc HD formats, HD-DVD & Blu Ray DVD. HD now just refers to High Definition … there’s the whole thing about 720, 1080i & 1080p but that’s another day. 🙂 ).

  • Indykjt says:

    Picking this up today… as well as TS3!!! Can’t wait!

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