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Toys R Us – Hot Toys of Holiday 2010 … Sure, If You Say So …

Toys R Us has picked out the Hot Toys of the Holidays for 2010

The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are actually hilarious – the little mouths move around and they sing nonsensical songs … I cannot tell if little kids will like them but I can tell if you have any Jeff “Pineapple Express” Spicoli friends – you can freak them out. 🙂

And the two things on the bottom right? CUPONK … you throw a ping pong like ball into a cup – HUMMM, where have I heard that before. I think I have seen it in a movie once 🙂

I thought these were the official cups and equipment of CUPONK … I could swear they called it something else.

There are a lot of dolls which I cannot tell you if anyone wants to play with them … but I can vouch for this item … though I predict many kids will see this item – whether they actually get to play with it or not is another matter – as a really big kid with car keys might assemble it and place this on a 8′ foot shelf … and make pew, pew, whoosh, whoosh noises

The Imperial AT-AT at Amazon.

Though to be accurate, you really need 6-8 of them? 🙂

The XBox Kinect is on the list – what do you think? Are you adding the Kinect or the Move for the PS3?

The Amazon link above also includes a bonus $30 gift card towards a video game at Amazon as part of a promo.

The other thing on the list I really question is this electronic BigFoot – not exactly sure anyone needs a $90 remote control Bigfoot … and I can’t really see anyone fighting in the aisles for this one … though maybe Fisher Price knows something we don’t like they captured one and are just holding it for a Black Friday press release?

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24 September 2010 Retail, Toys 26 Comments


  • scott says:

    the craze is created by the parents yes its the parents fault. as i seen today in my tru because of the kids parents that kept asking the kids who never even glanced at the dumb things if they like them (what kid is gonna turn down a toy) and so it starts.last year half the kids never knew about the zhu zhu pets until parents starting waving them in there faces. i know some will disagree but just think when you go to the toy store the kids never say hey whats the new hot toy, they usually know what section they want to look in.

  • Ace Diamondrunner says:

    My 5 and 3 yr old LOVE the Bigfoot and have asked for one for Xmas.

    • John in Missouri says:

      We are unable to leave Target or Kmart until we have pushed the button to watch Bigfoot do his routine. But $90 to $110 (before sales tax) is a wee-bit too much for MY blood!

      • jestrjef says:

        Our kids have to hit the button too! Bigfoot dude is funny to watch … but thankfully my kids have not said, “daddy we NEED him!” because I would have to say, “sorry … you two little monsters are the only two we need!!” (I mean that is the best possible way) 😆

      • Ace Diamondrunner says:

        Couldn’t agree more on the price. I was in the same dilemma last year with the imaginext Spike remote control dinosaur. Then an awesome thing happened on black Friday. Kohls had a 50% off fisher price sale. And matched it. I only paid $55 and the kids love it. I’m hoping for te same deal this year. Happy shopping!

  • Jack says:

     I can’t agree Steve. It’s not the parents that are the problem. The parents are just buying what their kids want. 
     The artificial shortage is a well orchestrated plan. The large corporations, media and stores all do there part. 
     They only deliver so many to the stores at first. The corporate owned media puts in all their papers and on TV how popular they are. Doesn’t have to be true. The media gives people their reality. Alway has. The media( which media means middle) are just the middlemen doing their job for their billionaire owners. They are not there to inform you on what you should really know. Only what they want you to think about. 
     Anyway the people then start talking about the toys and how hard they are supposedly to get. 
     Before long you have created a craze and the people behave just as they were supposed to. 
     They line up like sheep to buy this years “hot” toy. At least that’s what they were led to believe is the toy the should get. 
     The media and corporations can make anything popular. They will let you know what you should want. 
     It works every time. Real history shows if a method has been effective on the people before it will work again. 
     There is really nothing new under the sun as far as how groups of people behave or can be led. The real powerful people sit around and plan this stuff. 
     That is why they are the really wealthy and powerful. 

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    I’m waiting for the next “hot” toy to hit eBay toward the middle of December. It was hysterically funny to watch the auctions for the zhu zhu pets hit $50+ for a $10 toy-total madness. Now the stores are loaded with zhu zhu pets with steep discounts. Don’t blame it on the kids! It was the parents who created the artificial demand.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I bought a couple of the Singamathingies for my 3 year old to see how she liked them. She couldn’t put em down for the first day. Now they just sit on the floor in her room. I saved the boxes, and am thinking about taking them back. These things are 12 bucks a pop, and not worth it for one day of enjoyment(at least we got a week out of the Zhu Zhu pets, lol). They also have ‘teeth’ inside their mouths. It actually hurts a little if you stick your finger in there. I wouldn’t recommend them for 3 or under for that reason.

    The supersized At-At is freakin cool! I wish they had this when I was a kid. I like how Hasbro is making their vehicles bigger. The TRU Boba Fett set has an oversized Slave I in it too. Very pricey though.

    I think we are skipping the junk toys this year and going big – go-karts 😉 They have already mastered the modified power wheels. Even the 3 year old can do some mean burnouts.

  • Destiny says:

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  • Jack says:

    So are the Sigamajigs going to be the toy this year they create an artificial supposed craze and shortage for that’s starts an actual craze? Where for the weeks leading up to Christmas there is a created “shortage”? Which causes Ebayers and parents to buy all they can because supposedly they are hard to get. Of course somehow a week before Christmas or so suddenly the stores get enough for everyone. Just in time to take advantage of all the just prior to Christmas shopping. Are they this years tickle me Elmo or Zhu Zhu pets? Maybe we should just buy some now before the artificial shortage happens and people use EBay to get 5 to ten times the amount of cost from worried parents who’s children need them
    And they cant find them in a store.

    • gorgeous703 says:

      Well if anyone is actually wanting to buy those Singamajigs there’s a bunch of em’ at Walmart. I actually thought they were funny at first but after a few times of squeezing em’ I got bored with it.

      • Fillmore1234 says:

        That is the same way I felt with Kung-Zhu Pets! I mean, it was pretty cute hearing them squeak, “HOY-YAAAA!” or, “SOME RANDOM JAPANESE WORD!!” but it got irritating hearing it over and over and over and over and over and over….. and over and over AND over. Sadly, after about 4 years of collecting, Cars Toys are getting old, too. The real only thing I’m looking forward to about Cars is the Movie in less than 10 months!!! But just like Webkinz, I’m still going to check for updates on the Cars, but not buying as many as I have… ‘Sigh’ In the good ole’ days! ‘Sniffle’ I need a minute!

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      looks that way.

      When the article first posted, TRU had between 1,000-2,000 each of the Blue, Red, and Pink ones. FisherPrice had around 1,000 Orange and Purple ones. I’ve never seen the Yellow one in stock online. Now a few days later, those are all sold out. I guess the hoarding has begun.

      Local Walmarts seem to have plenty though, and FisherPrice.com has Red, Blue, and Pink still.

  • jestrjef says:

    sigh …. so glad my children do not JUMP at the “SEASON’S HOT TOY” ….. YET! 😆

  • Terri says:

    I have to sy those singing dolls are a kick. Saw them at toys and could not stop playing with it!

  • Daniel says:

    “Hot Toys of Holiday 2010” translates to “Toys our genius buyers bought too many of thinking they would be a success but they were wrong so we advertise them as toys everyone will want even if they never did.”

  • Is it just me or do those “SING-A-MA-JIGGS” freak anyone else out a lil’?!?!?

    • Fillmore1234 says:

      When I saw those on the News last night, I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Why are they making this kind of Toddler Toys when they KNOW that after a month or so, everyone gets bored of even looking at them! That reminds me of Zhu-Zhu Pets; targeted for little 4-year-olds and now 3 aisles of shelves at my local Shop-Ko are full of them! All because the kids who loved them grew up!!! They also said that Squinkeys or whatever are going to be a hit. Really? Bad marketing is all I can say…

      Also saw one of those Big Foot toys at a Target in Kansas City. Cracked up just watching it squirm around, hitting the plastic box with its hands and feet. That’s probably all they are good for. Sigh

      • Stig McQueen says:

        >>Why are they making this kind of Toddler Toys when they KNOW that after a month or so, everyone gets bored of even looking at them! <<

        I think you just answered your own question: The faster the kid gets bored with it, the sooner you'll have to go out and buy the next greatest thing!

  • cac1959 says:

    And I didn’t see any Pixar Cars items on the list… I wonder what that means…

    Does TRU not get any new good diecast Cars?

    I’ll probably get both a Move and a Kinect… as Met says, “collect them all!”

    (MET: Send us a review as to how well they work …)

  • I-am-speed says:

    We just bought the PS3 Move Starter Bundle and 1 Move Motion Controller the other day. TRU has a deal where if you buy the Starter Bundle($99)(Game/Eye/Controller) and 1 Move Motion Controller($50), you get a $25 TRU gift card. We couldn’t resist the offer.

    So far, the Move is looking like a hit in our home.

    I’m sure there will be a lot of Move games, starter bundles, and controllers in Christmas stockings this year.

  • SweetBug says:

    The majority of todays toys are teaching toys. Meant to be educational. The makers of Cuponk are marketing toward the future fraternity brothers of the world. At least the toy makers are banking on their intended market as being future college students.

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