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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: It’s Kmart CARS Day in Australia Already Already

“MCL Sydney” sends us some nice pics of their version of Kmart CARS Day in October … only it takes place in September and not in Kmart but otherwise, the same CARS sold to you by slightly thinner sales clerks …

Yes, we’re working on getting you case assortment info – yes, all the rumors you’ve heard are true but since we are still nearly a month away from the pre-sale – it’s all just sand in the wind for now as the Australians might say* … and yes, that is the CHASE CAR in the Kmart Case …

I’m presuming it’s just some plastic ‘paper wrap’ like effect so the wheels still roll and not actually tiny sheets of wax paper and tiny, tiny masking tape … though that would be cool – but people would peel it off and eat it … in other words, tiny kids would be saying, “mommy, dad ate the wax paper on the McQueen.” But maybe a bored customizer will make it all authentic … The taped up windows do look cool though … so again, nice little touches …

Well, since you would probably like one bit of information that hasn’t already been spilled … there will be a Kmart CARS Day 6 in 2011.  🙂

Thanks for the nice pics, MCL Sydney

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19 September 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 94 Comments


  • Jack says:

    This petition sounds like an Mattel/Apple/pixar company release. I would almost bet this was written by a corporate insider. It does not sound like anything that would be written by a father of a two year old who happens to be fans of Cars and Apple products. Just two many refrences from anything to long ago Super bowl references to Male Barbie dolls and a whole bunch of other company tidbits.
    The big corporations behind the products probably started this petition so later they can say they had to cave to consumer pressure and rerelease it. The petition is a good way to gauge interest as well.
    As to the question of should they make it again-absolutely. I have my real one from the SOTS set but would rather see many thousands of collectors happy than to insist on keeping the Apple car exclusive to the set.
    There are many collectors who could either not afford or missed the chance to buy the set. Also there are a whole new generation of 2 to 6 year olds that werent even born or too young to collect when the set first came out.
    To allow collectors to have 35 out of 36 cars is just so anal. Give the people another chance.
    Anyway I dont care what has been said to whom. I firmly believe it will be made again. The history of the players involved says they will not leave the money on the table.
    Plus remaking the Apple car will be great for all the companies involved going foward. The couple hundred people who have a set and may disappointed by re releasing Apple will be dwarfed by the tens of thousands of consumers who will be very happy to finally have an Apple Car. One way or another I am saying it will get made. Just watch.

    • NascarFan says:

      Fine print at the bottom of the petition:

      The “Cars” Apple 84 Die-Cast Vehicle Petition to Mattel Inc., Disney/Pixar, Apple Inc. was created by iWant Mac Users Gruop of Puerto Rico and written by Luis Javier Juarbe (iwantmug@mac.com). This petition is hosted here at http://www.PetitionOnline.com as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied, by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. For technical support please use our simple Petition Help form.

      I believe its a genuine attempt to get the Apple car re-done. but again, GOOD LUCK

      I wouldn’t bet anything on it

      • Jack says:

         And the I want Mac club has no Apple connections? Its probably funded by them. 
         What does it matter what the fine print in the disclaimer says? As if the supposed Author couldn’t have been paid to let them rewrite it or just paid in general? Who knows the true story of how the petition started for sure. We will never know. 
         The company insiders wouldn’t admit in a disclaimer that corporate members helped in the designing of this petition no matter what anyway. 
         However usually truth is the most likely and reasonable explanation, as opposed to the stories that tell us that don’t make so much sense. Like to me this I want Mac guy is just a little to close to Apple to be a regular concerned collector. 
         Either way since we are so on the opposite end of the spectrum on this one; one of us will owe the other a “you got it”. 
         I believe if it is going to get done it will be soon. They may use the Apple Car in a few early prominent scenes in in the next movie to kill two birds with one stone. 
         Then they could put it in a Cars 2 package and say well it was exclusive to the first movie in the SOTS set. 

        • NascarFan says:

          do you mean:

          Occam’s razor (or Ockham’s razor[1]) is often expressed as “the simplest explanation is usually the correct one”

          Anyway, If they ever do re make it so other cars collectors are to be happy…is the right way to get it ….

          Id rather be wrong and everyone else be happy.

          The Imac club probably has no more connections than takefiveaday does at getting anything done for distribution and characters for diecasts.

  • NascarFan says:

    I would love to take a look at it for you.

    2 things: Set your camera at Micro distance or some cameras its Macro and or Macro 2 for even closer shots, M M2 etc. No Flash and against a darker background.

    The best and highest resolution you can obtain on your camera.

    no more than 10 mb per email to:


    as far as the wheel n deal of Mattel, I have sat at Martins desk 2 times and that car has come up at least once.

    Not to mention a few SDCC autograph sessions at sdcc and dinner aterwards

    I know that it was a one shot deal, and not an “open ended contract” and it was a huge PIA because of the duplicate #84 not to mention Apple themselves and how tight they are with their trademark.

    And again, if we even hear “Officially” of it ever getting redone, it will not kill the speedway set resales, but it will hurt it a bit. Why not hurt it?

    Date codes

    Wayy to many purists in the hobby that want the original original…. others will take a later date code and make a “Poor mans speedway set”

    I have one on ebay right now with high res pics you can compare to yours jambouk

    • NascarFan says:

      Its just come to my attention that there’s an online petition on getting the Apple car re-made.

      I personally think its wrong to have The Apple Car re-done and or as many racers they have already re-done in plastic tires, because of exclusivity, not any loss of value but the fact that “an exclusive set is a set” and be done with it.

      I didnt mention the rubber tires re-re-re-releases because they are different enough from what they already have re-re-released in plastic tires.

      I don’t think it will help getting it get re-done but here it is anyway.

      Someone mentioned on another post about “not enough GOOD-GREAT apple customs to go around”…. thats funny as heck…. way to many Nitroade bodies with plastic tires and rubber tire chassis’s and good customizers that we wont see it dry up for awhile… probably years.

      Now my personal opinion and many others is why not 43 cars instead of the 35. Well thats a Nascar question that has to do with qualifying for a race, pitroad vacancies and other “points” rules, maybe for a later discussion too.

      Anyway… heres the petition. Good luck getting it re done.


      • NascarFan says:

        Oh…… and if anyone here does sign it, which I see a few have already, lets give a “note” back on the comments section of that petition to Met and Tizmans work by a giving a “plug” that your

        “A proud member from http://www.takefiveaday.com A Cars collectors website”

        Thanks to Dennis D for the note on this petition.

      • NascarFan says:

        Just released on Mattycollector.com:

        Cars Collector Event at Kmart 10/23
        October 8, 2010
        By Matty
        Cars Fans,

        Join Lightning McQueen, Mater, and the rest of the gang from Radiator Springs at the next Cars Collector Event happening Saturday, October 23rd at 11:00 AM at participating Kmart stores nationwide! Click here for the full list of locations.

        Collector events at Kmart are always a blast — you’ll meet other collectors who share your obsession with Cars, plus get a chance to purchase previously-released vehicles decked out for the first time with synthetic rubber tires! There will be 24 total vehicles in every case. Here’s the complete list of vehicles and the number of them in each case:

        Painted Masked Lightning McQueen (Chase) — 1 Limited quantities!

        Race Tow Truck (Tow) — 1 First time with lenticular eyes!

        #54 Faux Wheel Drive — 3 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

        #74 Sidewall Shine — 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

        #82 Shiny Wax — 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

        #28 Nitroade — 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

        #80 Gask-its — 3 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

        #39 View Zeen — 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

        #101 Tach-o-mint — 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

        #36 Tank Coat — 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

        Kathy Copter — 1

        Pit Crew Sarge — 1

        Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen (with Fin) — 1

        Dash Boardman — 1

        So when Saturday, October 23rd rolls around, you’ll want to pause that tractor tipping, put the pedal to the metal and race into your favorite Kmart. Until then, ka-chow!

        — Matty


    • NascarFan says:

      Thanks for the photos jambouk:

      YEAP Factory 2nd. From what I can see its a nicer copy. But definitely a Factory 2nd and not a custom either.

      Ebay markets from 180.00 to 234.00 ………..maybe more if it has no chips and ROLLS nice.

      let me know what the date code looks like if its FAT letters or thin or there at all

  • jambouk says:

    I see a lot of people myself included are really interested in apple car,

    I know it was only a 1 time deal with apple for a short run of cars but surely if it can be arranged once they can sort something out again
    I think that there is a lot of money to be made from this car and pitty ETC. so much so that surely it cant just be ignored?
    NASCARFAN you seem pretty well informed on this car i would like to hear your opinion……if like we think MATTEL keeps an eye on this great website then we can only keep the debate boiling in the hope that they take notice and give us the most sought after car in the whole 300 or so releases, Just one other thing i have an APPLE i car that i bought beleiving it was from someones genuine SOS set….in my humble opinion its not real but would love to find out for sure either way, can we find out for sure if we have a real car and if not what DO i have?

    (MET: Did you read the post on the Apple CAR?)

  • Rebecca says:

    Went to Kmart in Colorado today and they have the sign posted for October 23rd at 11am. It is my Birthday also and I can’t wait to get these. 🙂

  • TarheelBill says:

    Kmart Cars Day is getting closer but there doesn’t seem to be much new information. Is the pre-sale date I have been hearing correct??? Oct. 10. That is on Sunday??? If so, haven’t heard a time, seen a link on Kmart.com, confirmed case list, pricing, etc. MET…can you help us out with some solid information? Thanks!

  • NascarFan says:

    Just saw my Local Mattel rep (Linda) who has been nationally recognized for her work at Mattel, we chatted about Toons, and Batmobiles, and of course Kmart Day #5.

    She had no info on Kmart Day #5 and well rats, I had to tell her what we thought my be coming….She sorta asked how I had any ideas, I mentioned takefiveaday.com and handed her our Club card…mentioned that Austraila has gotten them already…she shook her head and basically wasnt sure how that happened.

    Darn it no secret info!!!!!!

  • old hippie says:

    the wheels look like they’re made of wood. LOL. Can’t wait, but I will.

  • I wish my Kmart was still open!

  • Jack says:

     Someone once brought up the possibility of Kmart day 6 case contents being a mixture of not only the last of the SOTS racers from Cars 1 but some of the Cars from Cars 2. 
      I believe this collector was probably right on. 
     Given the proximity of the next Kmart day to the release of the next movie it makes perfect sense. Also a great way to hook Cars collectors to keep going. 
     I can definitely also see the Apple car having a role in the next movie and be included in the case. Making Kmart 6 awesome as well. This way Apple can actually be the last and first racer released. A perfect transition. 
     Despite any denials, I just can’t see Mattel, Apple or Disney leaving money on the table and never releasing the Apple car again. No way. Just watch Apple will be sold again. They can make too much money not to.
      Of course they will say they released Apple again for us. However they wont mind making the money or keep us interested and willing to keep spending.
     It’s Demand and supply. We are demanding it so they will supply it.  

  • jestrjef says:

    Props to MLC!!! This looks like it will be a VERY good Kmart Day!! 🙂

  • Jinzo says:

    Read about this last night… man… this looks to be the most expensive Kmart Cars Day yet… Can’t wait to get home and open all the sealed ones I have 😀 Can’t believe we’ll have 97.xx % complete of it in about a month 😀
    Tach-O-Mint x2
    Tank Coat x2
    Gasprin x2
    FWD x2 or 3 Really like the design on him 😀
    Nitraode x1
    Sidewall Shine x1
    Shiny Wax x1
    View Zeen x1
    Dash Boardman x1
    Chase x1

    So yeah… most expensive for me at least to date… 🙁 Can’t wait 😀
    Wondering about KCD6… last 4 Rubber Tires? King, Mcqueen, Chick, & iCar (Really doubt about iCar but I can still dream 🙂 )

  • Rebecca says:

    Can’t WAIT to get these.. 🙂

  • por356 says:

    I got fired up from reading the posts so I made my rounds of the shops. Nothing new here yet except one Rusteze can LMQ chase which I left for someone else since I have my allotted two.

    The pegs at Toys R Us are absolutely packed but they are all Mater the Greater stuff and leftovers from the cube. The cube was wonderful but I hope the remnants don’t become a clog in the system. The sale should help.

  • Indykjt says:

    Madbob found this and posted it over at CTT… VERY interesting find… perhaps the surprise we were told about for the big Kmart Day???

    Disney Cars Rubber Tire, 3pk:


    Maybe there is hope to see the other main racers missing… namely The King and Chick too!!!

      • Mariela says:

        Mmmmmhh…should I take the risk?

      • John in Missouri says:


      • NascarFan says:

        I placed an order and they are already “switched” the items.

        • NascarFan says:

          Lightyear Launchers that Mariela posted about:

          you knew it was to good to be true right?

          I guess theres faults in the system that is currently in use. Information STILL doesnt get forwarded from the point of order the final order pulling.

          well heres the story:

          What I Ordered:

          Easy Idle/Rudy “Easy” Oaks
          Sold By: Kmart
          KSN #: 2256658

          Total Amount:


          View Zeen/Ryan Shields
          Sold By: Kmart
          KSN #: 2256658

          Total Amount:


          Vinyle Toupee/Crusty Rotor
          Sold By: Kmart
          KSN #: 2256658

          Total Amount:


          What GOFER pulled, (they apparently don’t get the complete information, nor does anyone think its necessary)

          Dear Nascarnbroncosfans,

          We’re happy to tell you that your order is ready to be picked up at the 3835 West 5400 South Kmart Store— courtesy of mygofer! You can stop by anytime the store is open to pick up your order. Here is your order number for reference *&^%$#. The details of your order can also be found below.

          Sidewall Shine/Slider Petrolski
          Salescheck #: 78401858545000
          Related Order #: 1700451474

          Sidewall Shine/Slider Petrolski
          Salescheck #: 78401858545000
          Related Order #: 1700451474

          Sidewall Shine/Slider Petrolski
          Salescheck #: 78401858545000
          Related Order #: 1700451474

          Initial Subtotal: $32.97
          Subtotal: $32.97
          Sales Tax: $2.26

          Total charged: $ 35.23

          What did I get when I went to pick them up???

          Lightning Mcqueen Lightyear launcher

          Chick Hicks Lightyear launcher

          Leakless Lightyear launcher

          Another example of WHAT NOT to do.

          At several steps of failure….

          Was the online item(s) actually-really for sale—Yet?

          ONLINE ITEM ORDERED information wasn’t carried through. To “stay” in specific name of item and item code

          ONLINE ITEM ORDERED information wasn’t checked with Original order and what is in computer and STOPPED the order.

          ONLINE ITEM information wasn’t carried through to “GOPHER” to be sure they WILL NOT “change your order”

          “Changed ITEM ORDERED via GOPHER information wasn’t checked with ORIGINAL ORDER and then the original customers Okay to change-subtittute ANYTHING.

          “GOPHER” ITEM ORDERED information was changed anyway, passed the “buck” onto the store.

          Actual Kmart store pulled from an “assortment” of SKUS. NO SPECIFIC product name and once again no specfic UPC code for the ORIGINAL item was questioned.

          Customer refused the order. 3 people who work at Kmart store took the time to try and understand why it is such a big deal.

          Understanding a similar order process from just about anywhere…..

          you order a 2011 Blue Mercedes, and they decide 3 different changes/times to give you a 2008 USED Silver Ford?.. heck you might even get a Big Mac with Iced Tea for that matter…… doesnt anyone in this day and age have a software system that works?

          Kmart should really change their software systems to include COMPLETE information and not arbitrary SKU numbers “they think” we want.

          UPCS are printed for a reason and so are the character NAMES ON THE BOXES. After all we order Cars cases online and get them right most of the time, (with the exception of assortments wrong from mattel) right?

          We dont get cases of laundry detergent sent in its place do we?

          We dont get heart medicine ordered at the pharamcy and then go to pick up our orer at the pharmacy and get hemorrhoid cream do we?

          Did we NOT learn anything from the Paul Valdez fiasco???

          Alot of time and money could be saved.

          I dont think its intentional errors, I think its a polishing or complete OVERHAUl thats needed.

          Still, as a huge supporter of Kmart “Cars” Days and its CSR’s who work with myself, BMW and Met, I think they are doing the best thing with collectors.

          Kmart: Lets polish the system or throw it out the door, get a new system and get it down to the “nubbins” and get it right. We know you know the difference between Apple Ipods and tires and sports equipment…. But come on… this CANNOT BE rocket science.

          • NascarFan says:

            This is what a “pick ticket” or packing slip looks like at the FINAL order pulling.


            whats wrong?

            NO SPECIFIC order information was given to several crucial order checkpoints FROM the ORIGINAL ORDER.

            Result? Wasted time, and employee hours, shipping costs, customers unhappy

            • John in Missouri says:

              I’m impressed you were able to find 3 employees at your local Kmart!

            • Indykjt says:

              I’m continually amazed at this type of thing with Kmart. Obviously, one hand has no clue what the other is doing… more likely trying to talk to a foot.

              I wonder just how many other areas of online ordering for Kmart are just like this? What happens if I order blue sheets… do they care what color ends up being sent, or size, or brand, or curtains for that matter???

              Thanks for the rundown Nascarfan… and I agree on your sentiments regarding the Kmart days and such. Seems like a systemic failure versus employees, as most probably see no difference between what you ordered, and what you got.

          • kevin roche says:

            i wont bother with the kmart online—when i ordered the paul valdez with them i got a mack hauler–but the funny part was my ticket was for a bed spread in chicago (i live in florida), wrong item, wrong packing slip–no clue.. i was turned away at one local kmart because the item and the packing slip didnt match, but the other kmart gave all my money back plus a gift card to cover the shipping–STAY AWAY FROM KMART ONLINE.

            • John in Missouri says:

              They shorted me a case of Cars for the last Kmart Day, although they did refund my money after I called it in.

              • mike says:

                When I ordered the Kmart Cars cases on the first Cars day…. they sent me four CARS cases and one pair of red pajamas….. I ordered five cases… how can someone screw that one up that bad. (and to top it off I could not return it at a kmart… i had to call up and send the pj’s back)

                Kmart online is awful!

    • BMW says:

      Wow! A definite surprise. Rubber tire Mcqueen with Faux and gaskits.
      A dream come true!

    • John in Missouri says:

      I typed my email into Kmart’s website to ask them to email me when the 3-pack is available. How much do you want to wager that:

      (a) I’ll never get an email;

      (b) I’ll get an email long after Kmart Day 5;


      (c) both of the above

  • MCL Sydney says:

    Found these @ Target, Macquarie Centre. It was a huge surprised to see them on shelves..but NOT until i read this realised those were the upcoming Kmart cars..hhmm 🙂

    I picked up the Chase car..The wheels are not wrapped in paper..its actually the whole tires are brown papered tires (plastic). Back window is also covered by brown paper.
    3 out of 4 tires are brown papered, the left rear tire is whitewall tire.

    sorry guys..I’m an opener so I didnt actually pick any of the other cars just the chase. I’m happy with the SOTS set I’ve got 🙂

    Re Shifty Drug hauler…as Jeaks mentioned..THEY ARE EVEYRWHERE!

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    What a truly fantastic case assortment! This one may even warrant taking the day off to attend. Or… how about a road trip to Oz to buy these off the shelf right now? So the flight would be about $2,300, plus two nights at a hotel at $260, plus maybe $100 cab and food, of course you have to get 2 of each car, so let’s see that comes to about $140 per car. That’s worth it for Tach-O-Mint alone, right? Wait, you have to allocate money for Shifty Drug Hauler too, so maybe don’t eat, just drink water. Is this store anywhere near Sydney? Hang on, have to have funds for Dash Boardman, too. See you all later, I’ll be on Expedia planning this out, and explaining to Mrs. Man-I-Fold, “I’m just going to the store. See you in 3 days…”

  • jammywin says:

    HEY GUYS ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

    just letting ya’ll know i have non of the racers with rubber tires at all as they havent hit here in the uk BOO HOO!!!!!!!1

    so any help with any really!!!!!!!!!!!



  • jammywin says:

    Hey there guys and gals!!!!!!!!!!!

    how are we all…???

    IM here from the uk and i was wondering if anyone is gonna be selling any of the Kmart day cars at all..???

    my email is jammywin88@hotmail.com if anyone can help would love to hear from u guys!!!!!!!!!!!

    with list of what ya have!!!!!!!!

    Cars ihavent managed to get yet are….


    any help …???


  • kevin roche says:

    well, checking on ebay, i see all 8 new in packs.

    sidewall shine
    faux wheel drive
    gask its

    now that is a cool lot–looking forward to this one

    not my listing, but if you want to see for yourself,


  • MWH80 says:

    I was ecstatic about this version of McQueen, until he bragged that his ‘eyes changed.’

    Then I pulled my best Star Wars ‘NOOOOO!!!’

  • quercy says:

    I cannot believe in about a month from now Tach-O-Mint, Gaskits, ViewZeen and FauxWheelDrive with be mine and top on it with Rubber tires !!!… Nobody have noticed View Zeen top left ???

    Is someone can tell me where they have purchase Bessie (I mean TRUs, WM, Target, Kolh, etc…) ? I didn’t see any in Arkansas and Texas so far…

    I stopped at TRUs last friday and got Dragon McQueen without oils stains, Mater UFM and Stripped Kabuto… I missed the others; Kyandee, Mator with cans, Kaa Reesu and Mater Drift Party by few minutes… A guy next to me have filled his cart with all of them… Darng!

    • BMW says:

      Where in Texas are you located?
      Bessies are here in Houston.
      send me a email aglare99069@mypacks.net

      • quercy says:

        Lewisville (north of Dallas) Actually my friend is looking for me in there. By chance I have him, he have got me a lots of cars I never saw in here (Little Rock, AR)… Once in a while I am going in Dallas so I pick up several cars he has stocked for me and an other friend of mine from LR also… My next visit in Dallas?… You got it. First week-end of November for the NASCAR race!

  • MackDaddy says:

    Who cares about the Chase car. LOOK, IT’S TACH O MINT!! 😯

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Just saw on Toywiz.com that Marco F/AV-18 Jet has a brother. Stu Bop the Jet is coming soon to all Cars fans! No picture included, though. Marco Axlebender, Chuck “Choke” Cables, and Brian Antenna Ball Seller are also listed, but it says that they are out of stock. Can’t wait to see these in stores, as well as the K-Mart Cars! You can see it here at; http://www.toywiz.com/wocvehicles.html

  • ScoobyDoo says:

    Tach-o-mint !!!!

  • Carlos says:

    I was hoping that Wrecked Hornet would be the Chase. Any other new cars? Someone said they saw Dash. I don’t think he’d be the surprise. I think he’s just a first to market car. Anyway, I’m excited.

  • John in Missouri says:

    My son just pointed out Shifty Drug Hauler in the photo above — I think we’ll move to Australia for sure!

  • Jack says:

    Very happy for the people that found them. However I find it appalling that we have to wait for a special day a month from now for supposedly Kmart exclusives and they are already on pegs overseas.
    I’m not surprised though. Just another example of Mattels distribution methods.
    Ridiculous also that the priced there are do much more than here for the same product. Yet they are closer to the factories. Mattel is something else.

  • NascarFan says:

    Nice find guys “down under”

    Reminder for Kmart Day #5 Overseas Buyers:

    If you want to be on the Presale List please let me know.

    Presale date is October 10th, 2010 and please be prepaid by October 8th

    In Store Event is October 23rd, 2010

    nascarnbroncosfans-@-msn.com (remove – around the @ )

  • Dunroamin says:

    So what’s the case assortment? I’ve only heard rumors and seen pictures…I believe the same country found Mater with Can in the mix…

  • PirateDad says:

    Can you even IMAGINE walking into a store and seeing THAT on the shelves?? I think I wood pass out…Clean up on Ailse 4…Pirate pooped himself!!!

  • damian says:

    FIgure October for the Pixar Kmart Day coming up

  • I am surprised no one is goin’ boinkers for the Tach-o-mintys I see lurkin’ in the background…

    I thought for sure there would be a thousand hits on that!?!?!?!?!?!

    Rubber tires I guess…

  • John in Missouri says:

    MCL Sydney — what would it take to trade for a full set? I’ve got a couple of Mater Saves Christmas 6-packs with your name on them! Please email me: JohnJurgovan @ aol.com (remove the spaces)

    Thank You!

  • John in Missouri says:

    No wonder the rumored dates for Kmart Day 5 and its presale date keep changing — they’re already released! Talk about a Spoiler Alert!

  • cars-in-your-eyes says:

    Awesome – How much do they sell for in Oz?

  • pwschuh says:

    Wait, what? So this chase car will be available in the US when?

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