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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Tyco RC CARS Track Tokyo Mater Street Race

“Stig McQueen” found this on eBay – looks like it’s a forthcoming Christmas item – Target Only (at least in US).

Comes with Tokyo Mater & Dragon McQueen …

Though are kids gonna complain that he should be racing Kabuto?

And Ninjas should try crashing the race … and a chasing police CAR should go spinning off onto donuts …  asking for too much? And you should make your little brother look down a pipe which McQueen might come shooting through? And ask to borrow some motor oil to flow down the canal portion of the track? Now, how much would you pay for that? 🙂 … and if it were 1959, you could light the oil?

Thanks Stig McQueen for nice photos and heads up.

All metal edges – shoots out the pipe at 800 scale MPH – it’ll feel like 100 MPH in real life on your burning flesh! FLESH BURNING McQUEEN and RAZOR GRENADE MATER! Next to the shoe shine stand at your neighborhood Gimbels! Now, those were toys …

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6 September 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 15 Comments


  • Mary says:

    This is all so confusing!!! I wish all the mattel 1:55 cars could run on this track but what I’m hearing is hat this is for slot cars and wouldn’t work on the mattel diecast. Right?

  • Dolly says:

    Will this be copatible with the Carrera? If so, we can just add it to our collection 🙂

    • Stig McQueen says:

      In a word, no; the sets are two different scales.

      The Carrera set is 1:43 scale, and The Mattel/Tyco sets are 1:64 (that’s “HO scale” in the slot car world, even though actual HO scale is 1:87). That means that the Carrera cars are about the same size as the Disney Store diecasts, while the Mattel/Tyco cars are smaller than the Mattel diecasts (or about the size of a Hot Wheels car). The track won’t connect, and the Carrera cars won’t run on the Mattel/Tyco track. The Mattel/Tyco cars may or may not run on the Carrera track; some large-scale track will run slot cars of any scale from HO through 1:24, it just depends on how far apart the rails are (and whether the track itself is wide enough).


  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Saw the original race set for about a hundred bucks before Xmas at TRU and some electronics store ended up givin’ the away for %40 off and at $6o CND I couldn’t resist… Hope I find these the same as I did the other!!!

    • Stig McQueen says:

      I found the original Mattel/Tyco set — the Dirt Track set with brown teack and “dirty” LMQ & Doc — at my local warehouse store in November 2006 for $20.

      There have been other sets by other manufacturers, though. There’s a 1:43 scale set by Carerra Go that’s sold in the US, and another HO set in Europe by Micro Scalextric with LMQ & Chick Hicks. Both of those are quite a bit more spendy.

      I never found the Mattel/Tyco Neon Nights set (with “clean” LMQ & Doc) on the shelves anywhere; picked it up from an online retailer for @30. Figured I probably wouldn’t see this set, either — though now that I have it, I’ll probably see them in every Target I walk into between now and Christmas.

  • TarheelBill says:

    I just wish that they would finish the canon line first and then they can sell all of this other junk they want. I think they have driven a big chunk of the collectors market away from Cars 2 with this anything and everything marketing.

  • Carlos says:

    Boo Toons. Bring on the haulers megasize, Final Lap, and chases. Who favors the idea of all the chase cars released as lenticular only to be released non lenticular somehow.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Why do they release all this junk that no one will buy (I don’t blame you if you do, it is kinda cool) when they could be releasing other Diecast Cars? These things shoot of the track at 50 MPH or don’t run at all! Cheap marketing is all I can say.

    • kdthomas says:

      Because if you slap something related to Cars on a piece of plastic the lemmings will buy it.

      • Stig McQueen says:

        I wouldn’t necessarily call it “cheap;” it’s the same Tyco track and Tyco chassis that have been staples of the HO slot car racing world for years. Though this set (and the two before it) came with battery-box powerpacks, you can plug any Tyco wall-wart transformer into the terminal track, and the cars will run on any HO slot car track. On battery power, the cars don’t go fast enough to fly off the track. Running on transformer power, they definitely will if you’ve got a heavy trigger-finger. I replaced the Tyco traction magnets in mine with a set of aftermarket Neodymium rare-earth magnets, and the cars stay planted with 12v power at full throttle on my Aurora AFX track.

        Believe me, I’ve picked up a couple of “cheap” slot car sets over the years; this isn’t one of them.

        Not that Mattel or Target has any idea how to market slot cars…

  • Dingo says:

    This is out right now…. picked this up at Target about three weeks ago. It is a little flimsy, but not bad for the price, though!

  • John in Missouri says:

    Pretty cool, but I’m still wondering where all the 1:55 El Materdor stuff is.

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