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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: New France Promo – Faux Wheel Drive

There is a new promo in France …

Buy 15€ of any Mattel CARS product, send in 1€ and get Faux Wheel Drive.

(Or of course, buy 15€ of Mattel Hot Wheels products and get a HW Corvette).

You have until October 2, 2010 to buy your products and until October 15, 2010 to send everything in …

This appears to be Faux Wheel Drive’s third go around as a promo CAR.

There’s your CARS 100% GEEK trivia questions for the day.

Name all three countries.

What was the details of each offer …

And your bonus is the circumstance of offer #2 …

Thanks for the heads up and photos, “David V.”

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15 August 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 19 Comments


  • pixarlover says:

    Most everyone does not have friends abroad nor is willing to pay jacked up prices for Faux Wheel Drive either.

    We want this promo and Gaskits and all the rest of the Cars HTF Cars.

    I hear everyday from my son ” Dad we still need…Gaskits … ummm…Faux wheel Drive…ummm…Apple car..Tach-O-Mint…lets go to Target and Toyrus and look for them”. Four year olds don’t understand why some cars are so elusive and why some people hoard cars like some people on this site.

    I know there are those who help with trades, what gets me are the “I’m out of work so I’m going to hoard cars to sell on EBay instead of looking for a job” Where I’m from the same group of guys push kids out of the way to get their Chase cars and go from store to store hoarding. If you get an extra car for trading or for a friend fine… but scalpers deserve all the bad Karma that’s coming their way. Even the action figure collectors are tired of the hot wheel treasure hunts collectors who hoard the hard to find non cars stuff to finance their car collection. When ever the action figure guys find t-hunts they remove them from the stores eventually the professional hunters go away.

    Some have even gone to extremes to bend cards the die cast cars come in because they are so frustrated with those guys.

    Stop Whining about what car is in the promo and start writing to the CEO of Toys”R”Us and complain we want promo’s in the country Toys”R”Us corp headquarters are in. Give them a call too. He lives in Minnesota and shops the Store in the same city he lives in. He trys to be in touch with his store but needs to be informed. There are enough members of this web site for him to take notice.

    Write to:

    Toys”R”Us, Inc.
    ATTN: Gerald L. Storch
    Chairman and CEO,
    One Geoffrey Way, Wayne, NJ 07470

    Make a call:

    # Q: Where is the Toys“R”Us, Inc. Corporate Headquarters located?

    A: Toys“R”Us, Inc. is located at One Geoffrey Way, Wayne, NJ 07470. The main number is (973) 617-3500.

    • NascarFan says:

      Considering it takes about 20.00 22.00 USD to get the cars, at costs, then another few dollars to get them mailed in and then the charge for the promo shipping BACK to the person ordering, which here in the states has been 5.00 ( now approximate total is 27.00 to 30.00)… and then shipping to friends overseas here in the USA at actual costs (which is about 10.00 USD to send 12 cars (now approx. 35.00 each a car). I dont see where or who you are referring to “jacked up” prices for FWD promos.

      As far as people being out of work and making money, thats their business either literally or on the side.

      Dont like them?

      Dont buy from them?

      They spend money and gas and time getting these at all hours. So I dont see a problem with it. If it pays THEIR bills who cares?

      This job market STINKS and will get better. People get turned down because they have the wrong color of socks and not new tennis shoes or more than 5 minutes TOO EARLY for an interniew for christ sakes. Or even for .20 cents and hour difference and tons of experience vs someone who will work for LESS and has no experience. Would you hire a “child” to drive an 18 wheeler when you could get experienced adults for .20 cents more an hour? probably not, but IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY

      Gaskits, yea……( remember the internet and the world operates on free market) which means “its what the market will bear”

      personal opinion:

      I have sold a few that were sent to me in trades, but….THEY MADE MY BILLS when I needed it too. I did sell them to others here who probably sold them for more or traded for more. So what? I thank them for helping me.

      Dont like the price?

      Quit collecting

      Or dont buy.

      That simple

      Thanks for everyone who bought my customs sometimes less than what I paid so I could make bills.

      As far as shoving people out of the way and bending cards, If I ever see anyone do that I will personally turn them into store personnel

      Some of us have email lists of friends overseas and more than willing to pass on those resources. I myself do on several occasions do just that, pass you onto someone overseas to help.

      • pixarlover says:

        I didn’t say fair… I said jacked up… I was not born yesterday.

        If you don’t like it don’t buy is a lame excuse for being unethical.

        The promo cars never go for fair prices online if someone wants to waste their time and gas running around for cars that is their problem.

        We look all the time we also help kids find cars. We will trade if it benefits a child we will go out of our way to help. I have a call list of moms and dads looking for cars for their “kids”. Most parents can’t find what they want because of hoarding.

        If people are buying merely for reselling for profit they are slimy in my book.

        “They spend money and gas and time getting these at all hours. So I don’t see a problem with it. If it pays THEIR bills who cares?” NascarFan

        I care…I really care one or two are fine… Hoarders are scrupulous.

        Sorry if you or a friend are out of work but leave kids out of it.

        It is wrong for adults to hoard product for profit when kids who want it can’t get it because someone else has no moral conscience and prefers to profit at their expense.

        It is my business when their actions artificially affect supply and we have to go with out when others prefer profit from hoarding.

        I’m referring to the Jacked up EBay prices. I think it is great when a HTF car is re-released in some form and the bottom falls out of the jacked up price just like Sidewall Shine.

        Hoarders… Resist the temptation.. leave a chase on a peg for a kid Don’t buy all of an item off a retailers web site to resell on EBay.

        If this does not hit home with you how about this:

        How would you feel if your child’s favorite Nascar driver told your child they could not give your child an autograph. This is simply because all his available autographs were already sold. They had been sold by someone on EBay for inflated prices and he could not sign anymore because of his contract. I bet you would be upset if it was your kid. Think that doesn’t happen…It does. A very well to do baseball player has already done almost the same thing signing autographs for profit who has more money than most CEO’s.

        Every kid should be able to get: an Autograph, a Toy, a good Education, Health Care and be happy. Not all kids will get these that’s wrong. Simply because some people put themselves before kids. People should make kids life better when ever they can even if it means making sacrifices.

        Any one else.

        I won’t respond to any selfish responses on this matter…to those who hoard try to remember what made you excited or happy as a kid.

        • NascarFan says:

          No children here no autograph worries. I HAVE put them and others before my own autograph hunts though.

          You have a nice day

          • pixarlover says:

            I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park

            • Jeaks says:

              Ya sure your happy? Coz you seem to have a packet of Samboys (Australian chips) sitting on your shoulder about something.

              Ethics are basically a matter of opinion what you consider right (or wrong) will vary from person to person.

              I hoard everything. My sons and I love finding a Chase Car, or a T/Hunt. Don’t matter how many we have we take them. If one of my mates doesn’t have then we will share at cost price otherwise we keep. We don’t sell on ebay but only because our financial circumstances don’t require us to. But if they did then we’d sell and without hesitation and at a profit if we could.

              Do I feel guilty about finding 5 Grinner Super T/Hunts ? or the three Fillmore Organic Can Chases? or 3 Ransburg King Chase? or 5 Fallen Bumper Fred Chase? and not leaving for anybody else

              Hell no!
              What I do hate is the people taking backdoor Cars and selling. To my mind that’s unethical but to others not. Nothing I can do about it so hey move on.

              Learn to live with it is my suggestion, concentrate on the things in life you can control, don’t sweat the things you can’t control. Pent up anger and jealousy are negative emotions and will only destroy you.

  • NascarFan says:

    they will probably send corvettes when they run out of FWD promos

  • Daniel says:

    …aaaaaannnnnnddddd once again, Canada gets nothing.

    * the monkeys at Mattel.

  • Matt B says:

    1) UK
    2) Replacement for the France Promo as they ran out of Gaskits
    3) France

  • Carlos says:

    There seems to be a lack of new cars. I still haven’t found Rust Eze Can McQueen. And, I’m not collecting Toons. They are tempting, but I decided not to. It was just to make more toys and more money. I hope they can finish all 35 pit rows. Yes, 35, we may have to do without Apple. The Pit Row is what I’d like. And, all 36 team haulers. We need to push those on. We are way behind. P.V and Shiny Wax were scheduled for 2009 and they’re not out yet. I hope they can finish haulers and pit row. Also, I want the upcoming megasize cars, and RVs, as well as Final Lap. And, will they stop making Cars 1 cars when Cars 2 comes out?

    • I-am-speed says:

      Just found my first McQueen w/RustEze Can last night……be patient, most stores are in reset mode for the Fall and holiday seasons, so things will be showing up, slowly.

  • cac1959 says:

    Faux Wheel Drive is in the photo… but are there any guarantees that is the promo Car? I got several from friends in the UK… don’t know the other countries… And supposedly the UK was supposed to have another Promo Car – there was a picture in either a magazine or an online site…

    Mattel must have FWD left… and is hoping for a repeat of the French Gask-Its promo… I just don’t see much of a demand for FWD this time around – most everyone who wanted 1 has one… and as FWD appears to be one of the upcoming KM5 Cars, that will limit the demand even more…

    Now if they would have had a Tach O Mint promo… if anyone would have had a Tach O Mint promo… or a second, more widespread Gask-Its promo…

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    Do you win anything for leaving a cheesy “first” comment instead?

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