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Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs …

There are at least 60 …

Slashfilm has found TONS …

But if you HATE SPOILERS, don’t read the Slashfilm post just yet – read it after seeing the film!

“Disney has however confirmed that “a hint” at a new character in next year’s Cars 2 is “hidden in Andy’s bedroom.” There are a bunch of car-related posters in Andy’s room:”

Um, I’m pretty sure I know the one on the top left …

Is it the other one?

“Finn McMissile — a full design for the character was shown off at last year’s D23 Expo. The character will be a James Bond-esque Aston Martin.”

So, I think Disney-Pixar would approve of this plan. Go see the film in Imax 3D. then go see it again and try and spot the 60 Easter eggs … then read the Slashfilm post and then go see it again to confirm. 🙂

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18 June 2010 Disney Pixar, Film 11 Comments


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