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Disney Pixar CARS: Build Your Own Pinewood Derby Lightning McQueen

You can buy instructions and stickers for your own Pinewood Derby Lightning McQueen …

Though I thought kids could sit in a Pinewood Derby car but guess not?

$9.95 for a digital download or $14.95 by mail … yes, it’s officially licensed … but normally, I highly recommend bootleg instructions to something involving bandsaws and nail guns. 🙂

Of course, Collect Them ALL!

The site is HERE.

Send pictures when you have it completed … now, if only knew someone who was good with wood … 🙂

(UPDATE!) Lorri sends us a great pic of her son, WINNER! Nice car (nice 95! :-0 ), nice huge trophy and nice Cub Scout outfit all askew and the “exhausted” look of a long day at the track 🙂 His car looks more aerodynamic than McQ but don’t tell Lightning.

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9 May 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 10 Comments


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