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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Email Me Proof :-)

As a public service, if you encounter anyone trying to sell you what they purport to be one of the Mattel Disney Pixar Brainstorm Meeting Red Ransburg’s? … Ask them what kind of article of clothing was included in the “goodies bag?” And what color is it? Or better yet, describe it in its entirety …

If the seller cannot pass this initial test … Hit the buzzer.

I do NOT own one but I have a photo of the article of clothing proof … so to protect this info, I will only answer correct or incorrect via email 🙂 … so read the original post HERE … and by the way, the info on the article of clothing might be a misdirection to test if they are simply repeating my post and so far, no surprise, all those claiming to own or are selling a Ransburg Brainstorm 50 are simply repeating my red herring information on the article of clothing 🙂  …

The information on the Red Ransburg however is as complete and as accurate as possible to date.

So read the original post – study the photos and …

Buyer Beware :-/

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17 November 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 22 Comments


  • Indykjt says:

    Hey All!

    Just FYI… Cars Cares is running an event for a drawing for one of Shopluckey’s Custom Red Ransburg McQueens, between now and December 10th. Check out the story “Just One More” in the news section at Cars Cares for more details. Here’s the link:


    Thanks again for all of your support Met and TFAD!

    – Kevin

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    the only one of these McQueens I want is the one that resides in the signed auctioned display case. of course it needs to come with case and contents included!

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    That’s what Matty should do – Throw in a couple of those in the next batch of lenticu-craps…

    That would be a REAL chaser!!!!

    Love them though! Collect em’ all!

  • Jonny2Scarves says:

    Hello, this is a message for Nascarfan (or anyone who likes Nascar). I was wondering if you could help. I live in the UK but love watching Nascar on satellite TV. I asked a friend in USA to send me some Nascar trading cards – He sent me 6 packets. Inside one of them was a ‘race-used tire’ card containing a piece of tire from Jimmie Johnson’s Daytona 500 race car. It is numbered 10 out of 25. I don’t want to sell it, but I was just curious as to what the chances of finding one is and how much it is worth. Are there really only 25 like this?! If so I am incredibly lucky as they must make 1000s of cards!

    Thanks a lot,


    • Nascarfan says:

      I dont collect the cards… but can direct you to a Nascar collector who might know….

      Kyle @


      I am a fan of Nascar but dont collect Nascar stuff wholeheartedly like most Nascar Fans do.

      If you are a satelite tv user try the program “For Race Fans Only” on the QVC.

      They have some used race tire stuff, but….

      Now…They “claim” that they have exclusive stuff but not true on EVERYTHING.

      They were claiming that their 1-6th scale Rc Nascars were exclusive to them, BUT I and 2 others had them in stock weeks before QVC last year and the year before.

    • Bombero1956 says:


      I would try Becketts to determine value. At one time there was another publication devoted entirely to Nascar diecast and cards but they went out of business so Becketts is the only avenue at this time.

    • ParkerWilson says:

      I think there is one raced used memorabilia card per Hobby Box. 24 packs/Box

      Similar cards with a production run of 25 usually sell on ebay for $15-$30 bucks…..Not a bad find

  • Nascarfan says:

    Oh, this reminds me….

    During our local Kmart Day #3 theres been a rumor floating around from another cars site:

    Mattel is going to do a Speedway of the South done in Red Randsburg or The “Randsburg Process” this is false according to sources.

    (MET: Some rumors are easy to spot as totally random and based on a whim of a guy in a basement after 10 PBR’s 🙂 ).

  • Nascarfan says:

    I own several versions of this “fake” but

    I have seen the best one and if you want a SUPER COOL version…. Willie Chan aka “Shopluckey” has his Red Randsberg and its Red Chrome… Once you see this in person, you will throw rocks at all the rest.

    As far as the Hong Kong Couples versions…

    My personal opinion is … they had the equipment / location to make them (about 350+) and whether they are the true blue copies of fakes, They are desirable.

    Raaman 1 Customs made some and is not currently in business due to personal problems, and his are good.

    (MET: Customs don’t count in this as they are not an attempt to “manufacturer” a CAR to pass off under the umbrella, if they are from the same factory, they are “the same.”)

  • Micky says:

    If I were to buy a Ransburg McQueen (which I am not considering at this time), I would buy a custom. At least you know what you’re getting. If the price of a custom Ransburg McQueen ever comes down, I would consider it, just to have one to add to my McQueen collection…now proudly displayed in my “prize” display case 🙂

  • Jeaks says:

    I have one word for people who think that they are buying an original – SUCKER!

    • BMW says:

      Met, you are sly…
      I guess everyone has seen the auction for the employee Red Ransburg on ebay by now. $400.00, and a fuzzy out of focus picture accompanies the mispelled words. Hmmmm. You’d think for 400.00 the seller could take an in focus picture of the car. I would urge everyone looking at this one, to carefully read and study the pictures in Metroxing original article. The auction one is a version 3?

      (MET: Yea, fuzzy pic should be your first clue 🙂 … Yea, kinda looks like version #3 but basically the description is a hodge podge of words that don’t really make much sense).

      • BMW says:

        Edit, actually looking at Mets pictures, the auction RR is the more common @350 made, unauthorized factory version 2. Its missing the Cars Team 09 tampo on the back.

      • BMW says:

        The listing was revised. Originally it said that the car would be sent directly to the buyer from the Mattel employee. the seller was listing it because the employee couldn’t sell it, so asked this person to sell it for him. Yikes. Story has changed.

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