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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Mater Saves Christmas CARS At Target and At …

To avoid confusion, I have split the checklist into two parts … the lineup & choices available at Target …

Target Checklist

While they may not be on your Target shelves, many or most Target’s are showing it IN THE STOCKROOM so if you find a nice employee, they will bring some out for you. The Box Set DPCI is – 087-07-0107. Not exceeding difficult but some work is required. In some stores, the prices are not showing at the registers. However, when you punch in the number at their “scanner” stations, it will give you a price – most seem to have it listed at $5.99 so when you go up to the register and they cannot find a price, it’s $5.99 in most cases and not a chance for you to give yourself a discount nor cite a higher number. The price is the price. You can either reply “I don’t know,” and have them go hunt down the price or you can save everyone some time and tell them it’s $5.99 for the singles or $29.99 for the box set.

Yes, I know it can tempting to blurt out some other number but you can either make them work to look up the price or you can cite the correct price – those are the only appropriate options. If you really don’t know (as some Targets charge more or less) and you say “I don’t know” and the clerk decides to give you a lower price, you are under no obligation to start an argument with the clerk as they are an agent of the store – you may if you so choose – but since you did not provide a random or incorrect price, you have done your part if you are not sure what the price really is at that Target.

NEW WRINKLE in these … while the “ornament” ones have definitely shown up in the UK Disney Stores, it was unknown if they are also coming to the US at non Target stores … while it seems unlikely to show up at WM (cutting back SKU’s) … several people have asked at the Disney Stores and the employees there seem to be under the impression they are coming in a couple weeks. This seems likely as the Disney Stores US seem to be behind the Disney Stores UK in merchandise but it seems 99% of CARS items that show up at the UK stores first start showing up at the US a few weeks or months later. So, it would not be a shocker … and of course, a pleasant surprise … and while we don’t have 100% proof, it should also be noted that people also noted the Mater Tall Tales CARS were at some Disney Stores before they arrived everywhere so it’s looking pretty likely – will they show up elsewhere? But for now, if you don’t find them at Target and-or you prefer the other packaging, they should start showing upΒ  in the next couple weeks and like Target, the Disney Store uses their own numbers … so call and ask πŸ™‚

Target No ChecklistGood luck!

UPDATE – TRU seems to be joining the snow globe party as CollectorMom points out …

Sheriff and Sally are listed online



I imagine they will get a couple cases at each store also.

Mater Saves Christmas – the book on Amazon.


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1 November 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 78 Comments


  • Tracy Kelly says:

    Oh, I should mention, I’m not a collector or anything. It’s for my son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s characterized by obsessions in particular subjects.

    And, you guessed it…..he can’t get enough cars πŸ™‚ He asked Santa for this πŸ™‚

  • Tracy Kelly says:

    Hi all,

    I’m looking for a Mater Saves Christmas Gift Pack. Can anyone here point me in the direction of someone here who would sell me one, or toward a website ?

    I’m in New Brunswick Canada and have dealt with Paypal before, so it would just be a matter of locating someone who has one they’d part with.

    Thanks, everyone πŸ™‚ I love coming here and seeing what the ‘news’ is because I know you’ll know before anyone else πŸ™‚


  • Mariela says:

    Hey..did anyone noticed that Mater (from this set) has rubber tires?! Cool…!!

  • Rebecca says:

    I went to Target today and they had the 6 pack. They actually just stocked the shelf and there was 4 of them there. I bought some of the single ones, but my son really wanted the Mater Reindeer so he will be very happy with this set. πŸ™‚

    I also found Buford but not Cletus or Jud yet. πŸ™

  • Rebecca says:

    Found these all yesterday and today at Target. Just a little piece of information people. You need to look where the Christmas candy is being put because that is where they are. They are not hanging with the other cars. I found all of them because people hadn’t located them yet. πŸ™‚

  • michele says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got them. two boxed sets for me and 3 for someone else(left one for the next lucky person), plus one full set of singles and a few extra. But, my closest target still doesn’t have them out yet. Now I’m on the hunt for mater’s cousins and the show girls.
    What a relief after yesterday’s foul up.

  • slicepie says:

    Went to TRU and gave them the Christmas Cars Singles item # (263137). Their store computer showed 12 in stock on the sales floor, but nobody could find them. πŸ™

    (MET: In my store, it was in the Christmas section – near the Christmas candy).

  • CarsMommy says:

    Grr! Four 6-packs in the Iowa City Target but “no location”. So far I have not found that one oh-so-nice employee who will go pallet diving for me….

    • Nicole H says:

      Well, don’t call the Des Moines Targets because I cleaned one out and the others were cleaned out by someone else. Plus a couple still have no location on them.

  • michele says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!NO LUCK! went to the Target to pick up my Christmas Cars that they were holding for me. Anxiously waited as he went behind customer service desk to get them, only to see two shake-n-go christmas cars. He rechecked DCPI, told me they had 8 and to go back to seasonal. found the empty shelf where they should be. Asked an exceptionally friendly clerk and told her my plight. She voluntarily called the manager without me even saying anything. He also was very helpful. Together they went into the stockroom with my DPCI numbers in tow. Told me they were still shrink-wrapped on a pallet but if I could wait, they would try to get them. After about 20 min the manager came out and apologized. He went through a couple boxes, but the ones we needed were up high and there was no way he could get to them quickly. He took my number and promised to call me hopefully tomorrow.Majorly disappointed again.I’ll be anxiously awaiting his call. Oh, and did I mention I we sat in a half hour traffic jam on the way there. A couple of wasted hours today. But home just in time to watch the Phillies win tonight-GO PHILLIES!!!

  • Monica says:

    I am big time stalking the stores right now. They all say out of stock in the iPhone app and all the ones I visited in the past couple of days are in the process of resetting Halloween to Xmas and just have not gotten to the xmas toy aisle yet. Tomorrow, I can feel it!

    (MET: Your kids are cute – pull them out of school so they can say to any clerk who says no, “You’re mean!” πŸ™‚ ).

    • Lorri says:

      Me too Monica! I think I will totally pee if I find them!!! A great T5er is sending me a set so this year’s christmas village will be even better. But Im hoping to find one myself because there is no way these are staying in the box!!!

      • jmularczyk says:

        These cars create feelings in others that they themselves don’t completely understand. And by the way I’ve asked 20 different employees for these over the past week and I’ve received 20 different answers – Kind of makes it seem that they look at the scanner and it’s not doing what they want it to do so they just make something up to get me to go away.

        • iamspeed says:

          You’re in MI as well, correct? We checked a Target while we were near Detroit, got the “It’s here, but there’s no location shown.” response.

          Translation: They’re on a pallet somewhere in back, but that location is unknown, so until the shrink wrap is cut away and the box removed from the pallet and scanned, we won’t know where the box is located.

          • michele says:

            Going through the same thing. I think my car can drive to Target on it’s own. But.. maybe some luck today. called another Target today after I checked two others, and they finally said they have the boxed sets out. I asked them to hold 2, and am on my way there in about an hour. Wish me luck!!!

            • Monica says:

              Good Luck Michelle! I’ve been to one store today and no luck. Going to hit up three more this afternoon πŸ™‚ You are right Met, I should take the boys so they can make the sad eyes, they are irresistable!

              I am totally doing Cars village this year Lorri, you better wear Depends on your rounds just in case! BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a day late ahem)!!!

              • Lorri says:

                Cant wait to see yours Monica!!!
                As for the Depends, I totally needed them yesterday. Was looking in the christmas candy/toys section and found the christmas singles. Not all, but 4 different ones. I looked around but didnt see the box set. So we go to the toy section, look around, nothing. Make my son go back to the candy section to look one last time. They were right behind me. Whoa Depends time!!!! Almost missed them. Now we can have one to keep in the box.

  • swb says:

    ooo and btw if you look up target “value” under restrictions on the price match there is nothing about the buy get 1 ,etc. so if you have to print out the page like i did and show it to customer service please do so!

  • swb says:

    i called target coperate last today because i could not get them to bring them from the back and coperate said yes they have them . coperate got the manager on the phone and he said they can not sell them until the plan o gram is set.bottom line

  • jestrjef says:

    I just made some phone calls and scored the Xmas 6 pack! As Michelle mentioned . . . they were in the seasonal section!! What a great resource Take 5 is!!

  • michelle says:

    i have been calling 3 targets for the past 3 days here and giving the dpci for the 6 packs and kept getting told they had none in stock. so i went up there this evening and put the dpci in the thing and it said none in stockroom or on shelf…then i go over into the christmas section and there are 4 of them sitting on the shelf?????…don’t know what was going on there just happy i got the 2 that i needed…i saw no singles there though only the 6 packs. so if anyone is looking for them and you checked the toy section and you don;t see them you should try the christmas section!!! good luck everyone!!!…also they only had the old storytellers out..nothing new there so the hunt for new cars continues!!!

  • babychristianscars says:

    Royally confused now, up til an hour ago you could buy the Christmas cars online at toysrus.com. I though these were Target only cars.

    (MET: This post shows the two different packaging – one at Target and the other oneat other retailers – SAME CARS except mater is ONLY available at Target).

  • michele says:

    Wondering if anyone in my area (Allentown,PA) has found any X-mas cars or any other new ones lately. Everytime I read other’s comments, I feel like my area is running behind. Anyone???????

  • Charlie says:

    By the way, has anyone read the “Mater Saves Christmas” book yet? Its pretty cute, and has plenty of future characters they can make for next year: Flo, Sarge, Fillmore, Guido, and Luigi all have “Christmas” outfits. Also, as Met mentioned earlier there is a Santa Car, as well as reindeer, small elf cars, and even an elf hauler!

    • michele says:

      Got it, just haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but looking forward to it. You would think I was three years old, I just like the cover itself.

    • AidensMom624 says:

      That was Aiden’s book of the night — just finished reading it not long ago. Cute pictures, he said “mom, wouldn’t that be fun if they made Mater with antlers?” HA! Now I am 110% FOR SURE tracking down a box set for him.

      He wants to read the book again after Pre-K tomorrow and then he wants Dad to read it to him tomorrow night.

  • caramp says:

    Hello Guys&Gals here at my local target store in columbus oh i walk in showed a lady in the toys my dpci numbers and she went to the back stock room and brought me 1 right out.So if your here in columbus look at the store on 256 and E broad reynoldburgs.Just a heads up if your looking for them.

  • BBIG MIKE says:


    • AidensMom624 says:

      Where are you – so we don’t waste time going to Targets in that area :o) Seems like the stores only got 1 case (4 sets) per store.

      BTW – my Target wouldn’t “price match” a Buy 2 Get 1 on the CARS items – they only do an actual “price match”, not any B1G1’s. Oh well.

      • iamspeed says:

        Yeah, our stores have never honored “Buy this/Get that” offers, only price matching on identical items.

        If it’s truly a Target-only item, is it really fair to ask them to match another store when THAT store doesn’t even offer the item?

        Getting into ethics, but sometimes there is a right and a wrong way to save a buck.

        • AidensMom624 says:

          I totally agree !

          There is NO reason Target should match the B2G1 offer at Kmart – especially on the Christmas sets, an item KMart will not carry, since it is Target exclusive.

          Target’s policy states: (look at the 2nd exclusion down)

          Price matching will apply to current, local print ads for in-store products only. Our price-match policy is not applicable to Target.com or other online ads.

          The following is a full list of exclusions:

          Target.com or online retail promotion
          Competitor’s Free Product
          Limited quantity items
          Open box or damaged
          Clearance or closeout
          Mail-in offers
          Services (warranties, assembly, etc.)
          Bundle offers
          Special order
          Sales-tax promotions
          Liquidation/going out of business
          Special financing
          Used or previously owned
          Display merchandise
          Pricing or typographical errors
          Club or loyalty

          Just my 2 cents.

          • John in Missouri says:

            Kmart’s ad also says something about Cars sold in the toy section. If the Target Christmas exclusives are being sold in the Christmas section, they shouldn’t qualify.

  • Charlie says:

    went to the target in missouri city, tx today and got the msc box set. it was the first time i used a dpci number and it worked great! they had three in stock, i bought only one.

  • iamspeed says:

    We were told by 1 store that the Christmas singles are there, but they have NO LOCATION, so there’s no way to tell where they are yet.

    So, sounds like they’re sitting on a pallet somewhere……..don’t really care, as the boxed sets are what we’re after if we want Mater, and those aren’t showing up yet.

    • michele says:

      exactly the same thing happened to me today. when I checked the DPCI on the scanner it seemed as though they were in stock, but when I asked the clerk (although she was very helpful),she got the same info on her scanner…no location. DISAPPOINTING!!!! I’m a cars fanatic, but getting tired of all the running around. Even though I have 4 targets,4 walmarts, and 2 TRU within about a 20 mile radius, I still usually walk away empty handed. Why???????

      (MET: if her scanner doesn’t show anything – tell them or show them on the main RED DEVICE that it’s on there or they can call the stockroom to manually check. Of course, that might mean they really have none in the stockroom …BUT they can also check other stores in the area – and if you get one answer you do not like, find another clerk πŸ™‚ Good luck! You are the customer with cash in hand … WM does not operate as efficiently so asking might not produce much of a response).

      • michele says:

        Thanks, when I was there, I did ask three different clerks,each with a slightly different answer, but still no cars in hand. None made the trip to the stockroom, but the girl I asked last was the only one acknowledging an inventory but “no location” for the X-mas cars. The DPCI for the storytellers was only bringing up the old ones on clearance.She did recommend other targets, but I was afraid I would run into the same problem there,and I had to get home to get the kids off the bus. Anyway,Thank you so much for all the work you do maintaining this site. I appreciate all the updates and suggestions, and I usually check this site a few times a day.THANKS AGAIN!!!!

        (MET: You can actually call and ask if they can hold it for you … yep, some Target’s actually wants your biz πŸ™‚ ).

  • nixmom says:

    Desperately searching upstate NY Targets today– have been told by 3 diff cust service desks that they had 4 in stock– but not a single employee could locate one in any aisle or stockroom– SO sad!
    on the plus side- K-mart had some really cute Cars Xmas lights available

    • AidensMom624 says:

      Nixmom –
      Where in Upstate NY ? I ‘hung out’ with an LOD for about 15 minutes this morning – no sets in stock, but singles are there, just shrink wrapped on a pallet – she tried to go pull it for me, but couldn’t – it would have meant cutting into the entire pallet (we couldn’t find the box on the pallet).
      Ugh — hopefully this week. As soon as Halloween stuff is cleared, the XMas CARS come out :o)
      Good luck!

  • iamspeed says:

    NOTHING in the system with ANY of the Target stores listed in our nearest store’s computer system. The numbers are recognized and the pricing is shown, but ZERO quantity.

  • AidensMom624 says:

    Was at Target first thing this morning – still no luck on the Holiday CARS (singles or boxed set) – but I did get the 3 Showgirls and Mater’s 3 cousins. They had 5 of the 6 on the floor, and got me the last one from the back. :o)

    They also had a cute Mater holiday bag and CARS gift stickers in the holiday aisle – picked those up.

  • BMW says:

    Met, if you talk to or email with Martin Arriola, please tell him how spectacular we think his designs for these are.

    As Martin would say :off the hook. Mater is really the finest Mater to date except for Darth πŸ™‚ You are right, this is Mater’s year.

    Waiting for the Met review of all things Mater!

    I called the suburban superTarget yesterday morning with the number. Yes, we show in stock. Would you hold one? Called stockroom, yes we have four. Come to customer service to get it. And so I did, just like with the Final lap case. This store is the best. The one near the Freeway won’t help anyone. That store gets so much traffic from the proximity to the freeway that they don’t go out of their way to help. I don’t shop there much because of this, but its on my way home.

  • babychristianscars says:

    I like the ornament package more, but since we open I don’t need the fancy package I need Mater.

  • John in Missouri says:

    We are visiting my parents this weekend, so I went to their Target yesterday. I walked around trying to find a functional Price Scanner, but either the “Enter” button was missing, or the “7” button was — in one case there wasn’t even a number pad!! I finally found a fully-functional scanner, and found that the 6-pack was indeed in the Stockroom.

    I asked a nearby high school-aged Associate for help, and she radioed the Electronics counter for assistance. She told me to head over to see the guy in Electronics. I told him my plight with the scanners, and when he punched in the number on his handheld device, it wouldn’t come up. He asked me if I was sure that was the number, and I said yes, that the scanner I found was showing “In Stockroom”.

    At this point, a Manager came over and punched the number in the computer, and the same result: it wouldn’t come up. He also asked me if I was sure that was the number, and I again said yes, that the scanner I found was showing “In Stockroom”.

    At this point I knew I was gold since there was no way they would give up without helping me.

    All of a sudden, both the computer and the handheld device beeped with the found item, and the Manager went back to the Stockroom. About 5 minutes later, here he comes with two huge, beautiful packages, and he asks “Do you want one or both?”. I asked for two if that was possible, and voila!

    We’ll be stopping at one more Target today, I hope to duplicate this feat!

    • babychristianscars says:

      Awesome score.

    • swb says:

      i hope you worked the sale at kmart by bringing in the ad for buy any 2 cars item get 1 free as they do match

      • iamspeed says:

        Kmart does NOT honor competitor’s prices, and most, if not all, stores will only match actual PRICES, not “Buy this Get that free”.

        I have never had a retailer honor a Buy/Get offer from a competitor, and Target is one of the stores I have checked.

        • swb says:

          they let me !!guess i am special as they told me as long as it is the exact same item.and was i was actually saying was bring that ad to target not kmart.

        • BAJ says:

          I also bought 3 of these today at Target, took in the K-mart ad, spoke with the manager at Target, and they gave me 1 of them for free. Thus, got 3 Mater Saves Christmas sets for $64 with tax. It works folks, however, you probably will have to fight for it as the customer service people were NOT willing to do it without the managers approval.
          Thought I would share.

  • Carlos says:

    Yesterday I went to my Target and I get the MSC set, if you ask someone to get it from the backroom they will do it, at least at my Target they always help me.

  • L8rM8r says:

    I am not sure which packaging I like better, but I am leaning towards the globe/ornament type package.

    Oh yeah and for all those out there with kids, is there an easy way to explain daylight savings time πŸ™‚

  • Fiddleheads says:

    Thanks for the info Met.

    They look great! Can’t wait to find them!!! πŸ™‚

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