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TakeFive Poll – Show Email in PROFILES? (UPDATE & Decision)

Please vote YAY or NAY …

This applies to everyone – it’s either all on or all off … this can save you time in the trading forum – everyone will know to simply check your PROFILE for email address or would you rather just keep it not visible and those who want to give it out – will just have to retype it everytime?

[poll id=”3″]

The latest is that the YAYS are ahead but it’s pretty much 50-50 so instead of upsetting 50% of the people, how about this? If you are okay with your email being in your PROFILE simply add to the opening line of the section ABOUT ME and then anyone who clicks on your name can see it?

Sounds like a plan?

(Comments NOW OPEN)

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20 October 2008 Uncategorized 6 Comments

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