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Mattel Pixar CARS Movie: Frank the Combine – eBay Warning

There seems to be growing market for “Frank,” the combine that chases Mater & Lightning across the field after the tractor tipping incident.

So far, Mattel has NOT released a Frank in the same scale with the rest of the diecast line BUT there is a Frank being sold on eBay from the CARS TRACTOR TIPPING GAME.


The ENTIRE game sells for $17.99 and is available at many places – you get ALL the pieces you see here so do not pay more than $17.99 on eBay for Frank or better yet, just go buy the ENTIRE game for retail price. CTC online link here.

And also be sure you understand exactly what you are getting. Here is a photo from Race Grooves.


As you can see, it is a tiny piece of plastic next to the mostly metal diecast 1:55 scale CARS car shown here as a scale example.

The other mini CARS cars are the other mini plastic cars you get with the game.

If you still really, really want it – just go buy the game for $17.99 or if you really, really want Frank from eBay – just know what you are getting, you are getting 1 small plastic piece from 10 plastic pieces from a board game so pay accordingly.

Now, the “CUSTOMS” on eBay are an entirely different story – while they can be spendy, if they are if done correctly – they are miniature hand made pieces of art. And while not officially licensed from Mattel, Mattel understands and appreciates customs as long as you’re not starting a factory – as long as it’s very limited and done by hand, Mattel understands and accepts them as a fun part of the business.

Here are two examples listed on eBay currently. I have nothing to do with either of them – nor am I bidding on them and the auctions might be closed by the time you look for the link but you can clearly see the hand crafted art that went into these two and is not merely removing one piece from a board game and calling it Mattel’s Frank.



If you’re handy with painting or crafting, here is a red combine base to build from … $12.95 – in scale from AgFarmToys.com.


Hopefully Mattel will release a real Frank in SCALE next year but until then, either buy the entire Tractor Tipping Game which includes a mini PVC Frank at the retail price and skip eBay, buy the real tractor for $13 dollars and use it as a placeholder or buy a custom.

Good luck!

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23 August 2007 Film, Internet, Retail, Toys 6 Comments

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