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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Complete Everything Alphabetical Checklist 2006 to 2016 is Ready!

Amazing 10 YEARS! Over 1,100 diecasts! It’s ALL HERE! The Complete Everything CARS Diecast 2006 to 2016 – every release plus every notable variant is shown side by side!

Yep, it includes EVERY lenticular also … oer 1,100 diecast photos from “95” Fan Guido to Zen Master Pitty and everything in between. Every CARS 1, CARS 2, Toons, Storytellers, Haulers, Star Wars CARS, Precision Series and Lights & Sounds.

You get two choices – in softcover form from Amazon …

Or in “magazine” form from MagCloud.

The CONTENT is EXACTLY THE SAME. The type is a little larger in the book form and of course, Amazon offers free shipping. Amazon doesn’t offer as much of a PREVIEW so you can check out the MagCloud link for a better preview.

If you prefer a digital version, only MagCloud offers that.

International customers can order from MagCloud – the book on Amazon is available in the UK and EU stores but everyone everywhere else has to order from MagCloud.

Or if you prefer to collect YEAR BY YEAR (a listing only shows up in the first year of release – though variants are re-listed in subsequent years).

Thanks for your support of TakeFive …

(PLANES Complete is HERE, not incorporated in the CARS issue).


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  • tzdtmm says:

    In the Planes issue, I don’t see the real hard to find 2016 Croix Cartright, Yalk Llah, Tango, Gregory Piper, is this because they never
    really had a real retail release? Seems like they were only on Ebay
    back then

    -John V.

    (MET: Yes, I do NOT include any diecasts only available in back channel as “open,” they must achieve a reasonable retail availability OR be available to order as a case …).

  • Dunroamin says:

    Hey Met…does this magazine cover everything released prior to the Cars 3 Merch Dropping on May 1, 2017…? I never saw the last 2 singles cases in my area becasue it appeared to be going to discount stores like Big Lots, etc. Were there any cases in early 2017?
    thanks James

    (MET: Yes, it includes everything from the “Spring 2017” poster (there were about 3 or 4 CARS on the 2016 poster that were never released) … while they did not appear in a lot of retail stores, if Mattel makes the cases readily available to order and they hit at least some retailers, they are considered released … for completeness, I even included a slot for the “counterfeit” Apple Piston Cup racer 😆 You can create a free account with magCloud to view all the pages).

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