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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: These Are the Mini’s You Want + Complete Wave 1

Finally, MINI’s you want – diecast metal with rolling wheels! Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”

Very cute – about an 1″ – about the same size as the last plastic MINI’s with a ball bearing.

There will also be some sort of launcher device.


So far, only available at Walgreen’s & Best Buy.

And what’s great – while they are technically blind bags.

The code on the back guides you – there are only 8 released so far.

More coming.

And more.

Thanks, “John H.”

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  • fabian says:

    You can actually see through the little opaque white window (shown in the pic), especially with the bright colors of the cars…can easily tell which it is if you move the car around a bit!!

  • spider says:

    01 Lightning McQueen K06A/01
    08 Luigi K06A/08

    I am guessing K06A/05 is Mater

  • kfalcon77 says:

    the two I have thus far are Mater and Doc Hudson. the only bag I held onto is serial no. KOGA/O5 so its either Doc or Mater. Maybe we can share the serial no.s here. If I find the other Ill share it and I think Ill get a few more today.

    • John says:

      01 Lightning McQueen
      02 Chick Hicks
      03 Doc Hudson
      04 Cruz Ramirez
      05 Mater
      06 Cal Weathers
      07 Sheriff
      08 Luigi

      ?? Murray Clutchburn
      ?? Natalie Certain
      ?? Ramone
      ?? Jackson Storm

      • shaunnydee says:

        11 Ramone
        10/12 Jackson/Natalie
        I have these 3, but I can’t remember who was who out of 10 and 12
        Woolies in Australia for $4ea

      • alexlnufc says:

        To fill in the gaps:

        09: Murray Clutchburn

        10: Jackson Storm

        11: Ramone

        12: Natalie Certain

        Smyths in the UK had a full case, about 3/4 of each. Will be pretty bad for people buying them randomly, as all of each number were together (my first handful was just 3 number 04s).

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