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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2016 ½ New Singles Visual Checklist

2016 has been stretched to mid-April 2017 so you have a few more NEW singles to collect …

And new as a SINGLE checklist … these have all been released before in box sets or 2-packs …

And for those who collect all variants, these are now sporting flat windshields.

Happy collecting!

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  • tzdtmm says:

    Can’t wait for Nicky B! A new flashback car, looks a lot like Greta, we need more 50s cruisers with tail fins. Hope cars 3 has some oldies like this.


  • BMW says:

    Found all of these except for Funny Face Mater and Nicky B, which are not at retail yet.

  • TarheelBill says:

    Which Cars movie is Clutch Foster and Alloy Hamberger from? I love the color coded dots on the first group.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    I’d include links but they seem to get stuck in an infinite moderation loop if I do (nevermind, this one got caught too, lol)

    (DVW03) Shu Todoroki with Flames
    UPC: 887961375442

    UPC: 887961375763

    (DVW05) Miguel Camino with Flames
    UPC: 887961375473

    (DVW06) Yellow Customer at Flo’s (Nicky B)
    UPC: 887961375343

    (DVW07) Red Jag with Sunglasses
    UPC: 887961375039

    (DVW08) Funny Face Mater
    UPC: 887961375565

    (DVW09) ‘Super Chase Car’
    UPC: 887961375572

    (DVW10) White Mini Cooper with Camera
    UPC: 887961375534

    UPC: 887961375435

    (DVW12) Russ Gremlin
    UPC: 887961375374

    • quercy says:

      Do you think the Super Chase is Mater with cones???

      (MET: Must be, Mattel does not include SC’s/Chases on the website … guess if it’s not there, there are no promises you can get one).

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